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Ok, I'm sitting in my designated cybercafe, Muddy Waters, a block from the crib. I did production late last night and all morning, so now the new episode is up - a shortened sampling of global trip hop. No, I didn't go to the library downtown or in the hood; not looking to get fleas in my hair, for starters...

Anyway, even though my building wifi is down and we're sliding into finals at school, I'm gonna stick to the resumed weekly format - if I could do it while being homeless, I can do it now...

Sundown Lounge

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Ok, the latest show is up, much later than I prefer, but it's been a hectic couple weeks and the next is no better. Anyway, I'll put up the map room page and finish post-production in the morning...


All right, after a long evening and morning spent in pre-production and production for the show (somewhat hindered by a jackass who kept blasting his stereo late last night and this morning), I have episode no 356, 'Finally, Another Anime Show,' up, featuring music from the winter '14 season and a few from 2013. I'm a little after 12:30 SF time and I haven't had breakfast, so later on today I'll put up the paperwork (updating the podpage, map room page, tv room page) and send out podplay notices...


All right, the latest episode, no. 355, "Hard Aussie Summer," is up and out, a select mix of hot and fresh Aussie tunes to go along with recognition of the hellish summer that's winding down in Australia, no matter what bullshit the climate change deniers keep throwing up on the internets. So, included are a few short and current news clips on the current situation - and remember, it's properly called 'climate change,' not the straw-man talking point term 'global warming.'


All right, the new show, no. 354, is up and out, a mix of items relevant to Black History Month surrounded by a choice selection of 'valentine' songs pulled from the Podsafe Music Network (ok, Music Alley...)
This show was much longer than expected; the Geeknotes alone threatened to run amok, but it's cool...


Ok, this past week has been rough on everybody, so I won't complain about the site being down, but now that we're back up the pages can be refreshed...
The winter transom show was shorter than I wanted, but it's cool, and I was right to cut back on production - I've gotta look for my next job while taking a very involved art class, so this year will be very busy...


Ok, the first show of the year comes out very late in the day (damn near 10 pm Fri., PST), partly due to some of that hecticness that started the year... Anyway, I'm leaving the Map Room update till tomorrow...


A week later. It's been exactly a week since learning of my mom's passing, in this 'fragalistic' year. I said on Facebook no way in hell would I go silent after episodes mocking the Apocalypse and the number 13, so show no. 305 isn't long, but I needed a place to talk as well...


Ok, I'm slowly going to update the podcast archive pages to change the old non-functioning Mevio links to the working Internet Archive files. I just checked the most recent archive page and re-discovered that shows 239 to 261.5 hadn't been uploaded yet, though almost all of the older episodes can be found if you search under the names 'SLounge' or 'Sundown Lounge.' I'll get to them as I add titles to the episodes...

Website Update:

My personal publishing imprint, 12.23 Press, now has a page on Facebook and on the site here (see the navigation bar up there at the top). My poetry chapbooks, Erzulie Freda CD and my novel Banjo Strings are on display with purchase links for you arts supporters out there.

Also, I have a new book site, Book Country, where I'm posting up chapters of the final, print-ready edition of Banjo Strings. This version will replace the existing ebook version out there.

I have two more web-shingles going on as well: Amazon finally unkinked whatever process prevented me from creating an Author page to go along with my Kindle book page, and since it makes sense now for me to have a writer's blog, I set one up at WordPress called Garrett with a view.

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