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Sundown Lounge is a laid back (and often explicit, you bet your ass...) international weekly (biweekly for 2014) podzine of extremely eclectic music, spoken word, weird science, progressive politics, interesting audio goodies, and occasional etc.

Physically, I'm in the completely gentryfied and contentious (and constantly renovated) left coast oasis of art, culture, and social experiment called San Francisco. I have recently landed a base of operations and I'm back in college in pursuit of a new day job, though I'm still experiencing the Bay Area "al fresco," but metaphorically, the beach house is perched at the western end of Golden Gate Park near Sunset Beach. I've added insulation, a few blankets and a portable heater and you can only wear sandals some days, but the sunsets are still wonderful and the scientists, poets and musicians still come through and jam to the surf...
The Open Mic Stage accepts spoken word and music file submissions for play in 'transom' episodes.

Max of 3 audio pieces, please - MP3, AIFF, Ogg Vorbis files, OR 2 - 3 pieces recorded onto a good quality audiocassette. 4 minutes and under per piece is preferred, unless it's really good. Include a short bio and a photo, if possible.

Email: sundownlounge "at" larrywinfield "dot" com. Please submit media download links, no attachments; my email box is too small to accept them, so they'll only get deleted.


Playlists:     356 - 360

Sundown Lounge No. 358 - April 11, 2014,     Duration: 0:48:57  

"Global Trippy"

"Shred The Track [produced for passion2moves's Shred The Deck]" - without.directive

Geeknotes: See Tegan and Sara Backstage, Beau Barry Jazz Quartet, YOU'RE GOING TO DIE: Poetry, Prose & Everything Goes…

Open Mic Stage:

"New Beginning" - Dubarray
"My Friend" - James Elvidge
"Bana Her Yol Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton to me Every Way)" - Sehabe
"Endless Reel (live)" - Geodesik
"The Garden" - the silk demise
"Summer Happy" - Elonious

Map Room: Scientists unlock the future of beer, Scientists discover mechanism that could regrow damaged nerves, New water desalination technology makes ocean water drinkable

Venue Verite: Not This Week...

Music Bed: "Morning Murmur" track from

Sundown Lounge No. 357.5 - April 04, 2014,     Duration: 0:04:21  

"Housekeeping on a Hard Day"

No way I was gonna do a show today, after all, but check out Adam Watson's very appropriate poem for the day. Also: podzine housekeeping and personal updates. New show next week...

Music Bed: "Lunchtime Lounge" from Coffivity

Sundown Lounge No. 357 - March 21, 2014,     Duration: 0:52:10  

"An 'Other' West Coast Showcase"

"everything looks like water (clay remix)" - CelloJoe

Geeknotes: Bay Area Generations #7, Jenene Ravesloot @ "the Cafe Gallery", Eva Lin, Drew Torres, Lauren O'Brien, Roland Ramos & 2nd Chance For Liars at NMP, Nicholas Barron - New Chicago Blues and Soul, Tony Fitzpatrick - The Secret Birds

Open Mic Stage:

"Addict (DJ R3xXx Remix)" - DJ R3xXx
"The Fourth Estate" - R.M. Isaiah
"Vicious Theme" - Pic Vicious
"Now It's Dark" - Elefaux
"My Blue Sea" - Castles In Spain
"Dance While The Sky Crashes Down" - Jason Webley
"We Are Waiters" - The 21st Century
"What Do I Have To Do" - Wicked Mercies

Map Room: Myth That 10,000 Hours Of Practice Can Turn Anyone Into Expert Has Been Debunked, Revolutionary Solar-Powered Toilet, Would You Customize Your First Born Child?

Venue Verite: Not This Week...

Music Bed: "Everything Burns (Instrumental)" - Ben Moody

Sundown Lounge No. 356 - March 07, 2014,     Duration: 1:10:33  

"Finally, Another Anime Show"

"Goya no Machiawase" - Hello Sleepwalkers (Noragami, '14)

Geeknotes: March Music Connection, Jamie Lynn Fletcher, Words As Works/Punk Hostage Press at Pegasus Books, Tom Roby @ "the Cafe Gallery," Raw Feed @ Elizabeth's Crazy Little Thing, Lair'z St. Patrix Birthdaze, G.P.A. & Roberta Miles @ Waiting 4 the Bus - Special guest host Robin Fine

Open Mic Stage:

"Respect for the dead man" - Pay money To my Pain, featuring Ken & Teru from Crossfaith (Nobunagun, '14)
"X Jigen e Youkoso" - Etsuko Yakushimaru (Space Dandy, '14)
"Database feat. TAKUMA (10 Feet)" - MAN WITH A MISSION (Log Horizon, '13)
"Kaze ga Shitteru" - Akai Kouen, or Ko-en (Toaru Hikuushi e Kouta / Love Song of a Certain Pilot,'14)
"Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui (No Matter How I Look At It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Unpopular!,'13)" - Konomi Suzuki n' Kiba of Akiba
"FLAT" by livetune plus Yuuki Ozaki from Galileo Galilei (Hamatora the Animation, '14)
"Out of Control" - Nothing's Carved in Stone (Pycho-Pass, '13)
"Parallax View" - Sumire Uesaka (Hoozuki no Reitetsu, '14)
"Set Them Free" - Akira Jimbo (Tonari no Seki-kun / Master of Killing Time, '14)

Map Room: Autonomous drones flock like birds, Microgrids will soon make large electrical grids obsolete, Four women with transplanted wombs are trying to get pregnant with IVF

Venue Verite: Hunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 116 Review: Gon Vs. Neferpitou Controversy - MechaBladeZ

Music Bed: Eitetsu Hayashi, Japan's Premier Solo Taiko Drummer - ARTmania Comm

Playlists:     351 - 355

Sundown Lounge No. 355 - February 21, 2014,     Duration: 1:00:54  

"Hard Aussie Summer"

"Close but Far" - 2Face

Geeknotes: Elizabeth Marino @ "the Cafe Gallery," Bill Yarrow @ AWP Bookfair, "A HOME BRINGING FOR AMIRI"

Open Mic Stage:

Australia's record-breaking summer helped push average global - Greenshack Dotinfo
"Mexican Roadtrip" - Glitter Canyon
"Fencing" - Ben Rogers' Instrumental Asylum
"Middle Names" - CERES
2013 was hottest year on record in Australia - NewsBBCInternational
"May 24 " - Trophy Eyes
"Just is Justice" - Sam Wylde
"Black Light ft. Elyse Beer" - Victor Y
"Christopher Walken Fan Club" - Undercast
"Really Do It Ft. Greta Stanley" - Savo

Map Room: Instant skin graft spray gun offers new treatment for burn victims, New 3D printed materials lighter than water and as strong as steel

Venue Verite: Climate Change Skeptic Does 180 On Global Warming1766 - Jayna Agurs

Music Bed: Sounds from "Sights and Sounds of an Australian Beach" - SHELLAH59

[Image courtesy]

Sundown Lounge No. 354 - February 07, 2014,     Duration: 1:14:41  

"Black, Love..."

"Damaged Valentine" - Annie Goliath

Geeknotes: Rabbit Heart 2014 Poetry Film Festival, Larry Janowski Birthday Extravaganza, Tony Fitzpatrck and Heather Wilcoxon @ Jack Fischer Gallery, Marianne Schaefer @ "the Cafe Gallery", Elizabeth's Crazy Little Thing featuring Dana Jerman, "I WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR WHORE" RELEASE PARTY, Excited Utterance: Winter What-Have-You's, Lyrics & Dirges in February is for Lit Lovers

Open Mic Stage:

"U R So 4 Me" - Alain Pernot
Kim Richardson - 2014 Spokesperson - Black History Month - moishistoiredesnoirs
"Stupid Belated Valentine" - Tom Smith
"Valentine" - Lost In A Name
What I Just Learned About Black People In Early American History Blew My Mind - gjfreakj
"Don't You Know" - Beth Bombara
"My Sweet Valentine" - Proseed
"pbr be my valentine" - Motormouth Mabel
"My Funny Valentine" - Gabrijel Ra Undead
"St Valentine's Day" - Hira Hira
"My Funny Valentine" - Somewhere off Jazz Street
28 Reasons - SNL Highlight - NBC

Map Room: There are now 83 (and counting) cryptocurrencies in the world, NASA plans to make water and oxygen on the surface of the Moon and Mars by 2020, How human empathy will shape the design of artificial intelligence

Venue Verite: Why Not Everyone Supports Black History Month - PBS NewsHour

Music Bed: "Printemps" - aAirial, "Desert Earthworks" - Acrilic colors, from's "Tiny Robots" Comp

Sundown Lounge No. 353 - January 24, 2014,     Duration: 0:50:41  

"The Winter '14 Transom"

"Goin Insane" - Debunker

Geeknotes: Exact Change Only release party and show, BAY AREA GENERATIONS #5, Lauren O'Brien Birthday Bash, Wayne Allen Jones @ "the Cafe Gallery", Polar Vortex Silliness from Jamie Fletcher

Open Mic Stage:

"Retrovisor" - Céu
"The Hunt" - Niyaz
"Waiting for the Anschluss" - Perma F
"Goodbye Madiba" - Subliminal Noize
"No Meu Pais" - Dom La Nena
"The Stakes" - Sound Strider
"14 Year Old Me" - K Anderson

Map Room: New pills that cure us with bacteria instead of drugs, Scientists attach tiny sensors to bees to study decline in colonies, Triton scuba mask turns divers into human fish, Amazon patents anticipatory system to ship your product before you order it

Venue Verite: Not This Week...

Music Bed: "Bye Bye 2013" Mixtape - Alexandre Navarro

Sundown Lounge No. 352 - January 10, 2014,     Duration: 1:00:31  

"Another East Coast Showcase"

"Ya Jamal" - Khaled

Geeknotes: Patrick Hurley @ "the Cafe Gallery", SILA + LAGOS ROOTS + NON STOP BHANGRA = FIRE, PANDEMIC University Tour's SF Stop, Astro-Blackness Colloquium

Open Mic Stage:

"Beast" - &mpersand
Chris Christie Bridge Scandal Leads to Woman's Death - David Pakman Show
"t0Xseries5 (theme inD)" - 'tonux.gix'
"Horse Latitudes" - Kayla Starr
"Cry (Piano)" - Ay Khan
"Take Me To The Moon" - Persona
"Here In Filth" - Ultra Violent Lights
Christie Bridge Scandal: Lasting Impact? - AssociatedPress
"The Whip" - Elika

Map Room: Snake oil vs. legitimate health supplements: Here’s where you may be wasting money, D-Dalus: A new kind of aircraft propulsion system made of rotating cylinders

Venue Verite: What's Happened to New York? - ROUGH AROUND THE EDGES - RedBullMusic

Music Bed: "Nardis" "Senor Mouse" - Moth to Flame

Sundown Lounge No. 351 - December 25, 2013,     Duration: 1:43:44  

"2013 Recap"

"Joe Sent Me" - Vanessa Daou (306; "The Joe Show")

Open Mic Stage:

"Dancing Monkey Don't Never Get To Be Kong" - Cussin Joe Twoshacks (animation by Joe Cartoon) (306; "The Joe Show")
"Lust, Love" - Karma Kid (310; "Lust")
"Love and Lust" - SpokenReasons (310; "Lust")
"Me and You" - Take It Easy Hospital (313; "The Scene in Tehran")

"The Guilt of Existence" - Salome MC (313; "The Scene in Tehran")
"Hayabusa's Lament" - Disguised as Birds (315; "Wisconsin Spring")
"Caress Your Soul" - Sticky Fingers (316; "Aussie Beat Extreme")
"Good Rope" by Jo Sri - Australian Poetry Slam (316; "Aussie Beat Extreme")
"6n2" - Royal Creatures (318; "Across Canada, Pt. 1")

"WrongDuckDong" - No Matter (319; "South Korea")
"The Validation Of My Beauty" - Prodigal Sun (320; "Across Canada, Pt. 2")
"Tilt" - Dockta Valkus (320; "Across Canada, Pt. 2")
"Ophelia's Song" - Musetta (321; "Italia")

Geeknotes: Bay Area Generations (a reading series for the ages) #4;

"Sokaklar (The Streets)" - Eskiz (323; "Around Istanbul")
"Chasing The Car Bandits" - Threesome (326; "Get Me To The Beach!")
"Murderers" - Tam Tam The Sandwich Man & The Magical Sugar Cookies (330; "Orlando Rocks")
"Theme From Mean Season" - Rench (331; "Gotham City Beat")

"Another Girl" - Kristin Mainhart & Khromozomes (331; "Gotham City Beat")
"Good Ol' Alcohol" - The Mooney Suzuki (336; "Demon Alcohol")
"Nong Naozi" - Stegosaurus? (338; "The Bejing - Shanghai Beat")
"Bloody Mary" - The Bloodsugars (341; "Mixed Bag")
"Toasters & Steelbelts" - Sect23 (341; "Mixed Bag")

"Where Is The Werewolf" - WolfWolf (343; "Triskadeka-boo!")
"I will Disappear" - Red Mecca (344; "Through the Autumn Transom")
"club jungle 2" - saritote; (349; "Fukushima Ain't Gone Away")
"Strip Club Christmas" - Mikey Mason (350; "Triskadekahohoho")

No Map Room, No Venue Verite...

Music Bed: Auld Lang Syne Variations uploaded by isisip music, MrsClausMereNoel, InteliZeus, nibbbbbles, RussisTech and 21niry (Uh, the last two didn't make the edit)...

Playlists:     346 - 350

Sundown Lounge No. 350 - December 20, 2013,     Duration: 1:04:26  


"Put It Under My Tree" - Dayda Bass

Geeknotes: Chicago Poetry Press Holiday Book Sale, A Winter Solstice Literary Salon, A Very Queer Fest-Of-Us

Open Mic Stage:

"Can't Wait To See You On Christmas Day" - IreneB
"Christmas for Surfers" - Wheeland Brothers
"Its Christmas" - Bo Lozoff
"Punk Rock Christmas" - Sarita and the Happy Elves
"In the Christmas night" - Asatron
"Christmas on Ward 7" - Chris Flew
"Strip Club Christmas" - Mikey Mason
"Cross Dressing for Christmas" - Robert K. Wolf
"This Year Im Pulling Christmas Out of My Ass" - Steve Goodie

Map Room: Secret code discovered in human DNA, Government scientists created crude oil from algae in mere minutes, What happens when we put computers in our brains

Venue Verite: If There's A War On Christmas, Christmas Is Winning - PsychoSuperMom, The War on Christmas Comes to my Doorstep - T2DarIantan

Music Bed: Sleigh Bells from FX Sounds

Sundown Lounge No. 349 - December 06, 2013,     Duration: 0:56:55  

"Fukushima Ain't Gone Away"

"Rage against the nuclear power plant" - Music DADA

Geeknotes: Music Connection Dec. Edition, East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest, Blow Wind Blow @ Elizabeth's Crazy Little Thing

Open Mic Stage:

"Black Heart [promo]" - Keritsu
Workers Successfully Move FIRST Set Of Radioactive Fuel Rods From Fukushima Reactor - Charles Town
"Not to Be Understood (Backwards Mix)" - Brenna v.K.
Fukushima remains 'very complex' despite progress: IAEA - AFP news agency
"faith" - saritote;
1,000 days after Fukushima: residents of crisis zone frustrated by slow cleanup - euronews (in English)
"club jungle 2" - saritote;

Map Room: ​A male birth control pill that causes a temporary vasectomy, Space technology company builds a functioning artificial heart

Venue Verite: Radioactive Reality Fukushima: "Toxic leaks into ocean seems unstoppable - NibiruMagick2012, Fukushima Radiation: What You've Heard are LIES! - DNews

Music Bed: "Things Buried" "This Empty Space Returns Your Solitude" - saisa

Sundown Lounge No. 348 - November 28, 2013,     Duration: 0:34:18  

"Turkey Time"

"Ax Chase Turkey" - Nalts

Geeknotes: Not this week...

Open Mic Stage:

"Quiet Turkey" - Mujaji
"Turkey Walk" - Boo Boo Davis

Map Room: Not this week...

Venue Verite: Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant-Original 1967 Recording" - GlitterySpleen

Music Bed: gobble gobble...

Sundown Lounge No. 347 - November 22, 2013,     Duration: 1:04:58  

"Another West Coast Showcase"

"Sediments" - Chlorophil

Geeknotes: Benefit Concert for Red Poppy Art House, Lauren O’Brien @ Bowery Electric, Crankshaft Thanksgiving Update, Two Chicago Book Expo Events, BSFS Genesis Anthology II

Open Mic Stage:

"If looks could kill" - Music For Animals
"Amores Lejanos" - think13
"about face about time" - about face
"Doom" - Matt Herman
"lost in the underground" - Uncle Frank and the Co-Defendants
"Broken" - Trifonic
"Whatever You Like (WALA Remix)" - WALA music
"Fear of a Fat Planet" - Valerie Troutt

Map Room: $1000 3D printer that prints metal, Mission to map Earth's magnetic field readies for take-off, Most solar panels are facing in the wrong direction: Study

Venue Verite: 50th Anniv. Kennedy Assassination - Obama pays tribute, People around the world remember, Excerpt from Jim Garrison's '68 Carson Interview (in the TV Room)

Music Bed: "You Make Me Feel Again - Dubbed Out Remix" "Lafayette Dawn" - SALEX

Sundown Lounge No. 346 - November 16, 2013,     Duration: 0:34:35  


"De`Menejer" - {tantrum}

Geeknotes: Benefit for the BeLoved Community, "The Suppression of Sound" - Thomas Sayers Ellis and saxophonist James Brandon Lewis @ Red Poppy Art House

Open Mic Stage:

"stuck on my room" - Talking Coasty
"Friend Or Foe" - Aziz S
"Senandung" - Royal Ego
"Proganda" - Nivellism

Map Room: Japanese inventor finds solution to global trash problem by converting plastic to oil, 3D printed human cells could end animal testing within 5 years, Cheap Hydrogen from Sunlight and Water

Venue Verite: Not this week

Music Bed: "Terbang Diam" "Terbakar Asa" - emosijiwa

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When you're telling someone about a website without benefit of pen and paper and mention the URL, isn't it clumsy to have to spell out the non-domain part? "http://www." Instead, I use the word "dub" as verbal shorthand that implies the code. So, my site's URL is mentioned in conversation as "dub," When the URL doesn't have "www" in it, just use "slash"...

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