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146 - 150

Sundown Lounge No. 150 - July 18th, 2K8     Duration: 39:58

"Solar Acid" - The Serotonin Anvil
Geeknotes: Brad Wilson, Viva Ponata, ParEcon
Open Mic Stage: The Sunday Talk Promo, Obama's Foreign Policy Speech, "Heroin Skinny" - The Heroin Skinny, "Heroin Blues" - Snoball Johnny, "Cracky Pipe" - Dislocated Boner, Selling Geek Promo, "New Wave Coke" - Matadors
Map Room: Magnetic Nanotechnology Used To Capture Cancer, Growing Neural Implants, Women Shifting to Cyber Sex, 1960s documentary: Self-experimenting with magic mushrooms
Venue Verite: Al Gore Issues Major Energy Challenge

Music Bed: "Cool Off Chill Out" Compilation - Sine (MySpace)

Sundown Lounge No. 149 - July 11th, 2K8     Duration: 45:40

"Bill of Rights" - Blowin Chunks!
Geeknotes: Three's A Crowd, hot online erotic serial by Leslie Lee Sanders, "Killer Poet" Movie, 'Fox Attacks' Petition
Open Mic Stage: "O Freedom" - Billy Bragg, The Bad Apples Promo, Obama's latest ad, on "New Energy," "La Baja" - Su Round, "Big Mistake" - Tim Fite, Senators Spector and Feingold Debate FISA, DHS Contractor Proposes Airline Passenger Shock Bracelets, "I Know My Rights" - Jim Tyrrell
Map Room: Peak Metal, Amazing Dolphin-Boat Submarine, New Self Destructing Vaccine, Scientists Prevent Brain-Cell Suicide to Keep Birds Singing
Venue Verite: Countdown with Rachel Maddow - Russ Feingold on FISA Cave-in

Music Bed: "Cool Off Chill Out" Compilation - Sine (MySpace)

Sundown Lounge No. 148 - July 4th, 2K8     Duration: 55:08

"Let Freedom Ring" - Flocabulary
Geeknotes: Summer Break!
Open Mic Stage: "Summertime" - Greg Spero Trio, "Freedom" - GILES, "Right and Wrong" - Theresa J, "Eyes Shut" - People Like Jack, Frederick Douglass's July 4th 1852 Speech
Map Room: Summer Break!
Venue Verite: JFK Reading the Declaration of Independence, Plus - the true fate of the signers, from Snopes.com

Music Bed: "One thousand Years And One" - Mikael Fyrek (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 147 - June 27th, 2K8     Duration: 50:30

"Radio Radio" - Elvis Costello on SNL
Geeknotes: Summer Break!
Open Mic Stage: "Get Off Your Ass and Jam" - Funkadelic, The Word Fuck, "Funplex" - The B-52's, "Mediaopoly" - SNL's Conspiracy Theory Rock, Benazir Bhutto's Censored BBC Clip, Jack Kerouac on The Steve Allen Show, "The Wind Cries Mary" - Jimi Hendrix on "Top of the Pops," "Pagan Poetry" - Bjork, "Seven Words" - George Carlin
Map Room: Summer Break!
Venue Verite: JFK on Freedom of Speech

Music Bed: Street Sounds

Sundown Lounge No. 146 - June 20th, 2K8     Duration: 63:24

"The Weary Blues" - Langston Hughes
Geeknotes: Beach Poets 2008, Brother Love in Nashville
Open Mic Stage: Namaste Stories Promo, "From Def Poetry" - Jill Scott, "The Scarecrow Rests" - Harem Arms, "Pray For Rain" - Blood Red Sun, Olbermann and Turley on Kucinich Impeacment Resolution, "Civil Revolt Part 1" - Kou Chou Ching, "Bukowski: Poetry and Motion" - Charles Bukowski, MyMac Magazine Podcast Promo "Poetry and Jazz" - Benny Hill, "These Are Illusions" - Wolfkin, McCain called his wife a Cnt, "House of Cards" - Citizens Of Contrary Knowledge
Map Room: Batch of “Super-Earths” Found, Old Muscle Becomes Young Again, Cybertecture and the Egg in Mumbai India, Are Trees Warm-blooded?
Venue Verite: "The Poetry Technical Support Line"

Music Bed: "Material" - Craque (Kahvi)

141 - 145

Sundown Lounge No. 145 - June 7th, 2K8     Duration: 47:39

Hillary suspends, Essential Club Anthems Remix - Positiva Records
Geeknotes: CD Baby and Amie St. Promotion, Poetry from Obama at 19
Open Mic Stage: "Hope is the Thing with Feathers" - Emily Dickinson, "A lonely tree" - Amahla, "The Instinct of Hope" - John Clare, "Enemigo" - Amelia, Keith Olbermann - Bush lied, "Easier" - Blood Red Sun, Keith Olbermann - Worst Person In The World
Map Room: Electrolux Sunny Solar Heated Water Front Loader, UroClub Makes Peeing On The Golf Course A Private Affair, The Coke-Mentos Booby Trap, A Whole New Tiny World, as Microscope Resolution Doubles
Venue Verite: Hillary Clinton Suspends Her Campaign...

Music Bed: "Yako Emulator" - Kenny Beltrey (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 144 - May 30th, 2K8     Duration: 46:49

"The Movies" - Florence Kiper Frank, "Doomsday Weapon" Scene from "Dr. Strangelove"
Geeknotes: Cram Vol. 2 and 3
Open Mic Stage: "Speech" Scene from "The Manchurian Candidate," "Alice" - The Horse You Rode In On, "NYTimes" Scene from "Three Days of the Condor," "Statements" - 4Tunes, "The War Films" - Henry Newbolt, "Roach" Scene from "Apocalypse Now," "NSA" Scene from "Good Will Hunting"
Map Room: The NanoBrewMaster, Plastic Lasers In Our Future, Pentagon Unveils the M-18 Elite, How Are Humans Unique?
Venue Verite: "Riot" Scene from "The Spook Who Sat By the Door," "Money" Scene from "Bulworth"

Music Bed: "We Fade Away" - Reii (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 143 - May 23rd, 2K8     Duration: 42:14

"Charlie Brown, by Ghostface Killah (Guns N' Bombs Remix)" - Scion AV
Geeknotes: Computer Spring Cleaning, Fan Mail
Open Mic Stage: "I Want To Be Wrong" - No Use For A Name, "Stand I condemned for Pride" - Wm. Shakespeare, "Mercenary Man" - Firewind, "King of Pain" - Chris Greene Quartet, "Battle Porn" - Leslie Winer
Map Room: Not This Week...Writing...
Venue Verite: McCain's Pastor Problem

Music Bed: "What Tone Am I?" - Tom Bragl (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 142 - May 16th, 2K8     Duration: 51:34

"Union Of Concerned Scientists" - The Priddle Concern
Geeknotes: Brad Wilson, APP Group Feed, Two CPS Items, Shows 16-20 Back in Archive
Open Mic Stage: "Storm" - Hungry Lucy, Billo 'Inside Edition' Meltdown, The Scott Fuller Show Promo, "Discipline" - Nine Inch Nails, "May" - Helen Hunt Jackson, Osama Bin Laden Podcast Promo, "2 AM" - Slightly Stoopid, "Pale Fire (Ulrich Schnauss Mix)" - Dead Leaf Echo
Map Room: CCTV Boom has Failed to Slash UK Crime, How to Locate Pinhole Cameras, Motion-Capture Suits Will Spice Up Virtual Sex, Europe Recruits Astronauts for Possible Moon Missions
Venue Verite: Keith Olbermann: Bush Gives Up Golf for the War

Music Bed: "ReEntry" - Full Load Of King and "Set The Controls For the Heart of the Sun" - SCIFLYER, from "Interplanetary Materials" Compilation (Comfortstand)

Sundown Lounge No. 141 - May 9th, 2K8     Duration: 41:09

Mother's Day - Fugly
Geeknotes: Flag Graphs, Cram Volume 2
Open Mic Stage: "A True Liberator" - 10K Poets, Mother Mind - Julia Ward Howe, NG Radio Promo, "Burden" - Mister Ed, "14 Days" - Science For Girls, UKotaku Promo, "Lack of Mama" - People Like Jack
Map Room: Survey: Women are Better Managers, Laser May Boost Search For Earthlike Planets, Perfecting An Artificial Pancreas, California: Veggie Oil-Powered “Grease Car” Owners Are Scofflaws
Venue Verite: Mother's Day for Peace

Music Bed: "Eros" - Crackle Creations (Kahvi)

136 - 140

Sundown Lounge No. 140 - May 2nd, 2K8     Duration: 43:59

"Oh say can you see" - theresa j
Geeknotes: May Day Labor Film Festival, Two Men Kissing, Mevio's OK
Open Mic Stage: The Other Clinton Terrorist Clemency Scandal, "Babado Bat" - Greg Spero Trio, "Lotus" - Mister Ed, Mevio Radio Promo, "Agama" - Franck Colman and Black Yovo
Map Room: New Map, Cold Plasma, CSI 2.0: Faster than DNA, Engineers find 'missing link' of electronics, Simple brain exercise can boost IQ
Venue Verite: "The Sacredness of Work" - Thomas Carlyle

Music Bed: "Compilation I" - Tapeworm Collective (Comfortstand)

Sundown Lounge No. 139 - April 25th, 2K8     Duration: 46:36

"When Earth's Last Picture is Painted" - Rudyard Kipling, "Jimi" - Slightly Stoopid
Geeknotes: StudioTraxx.com, Podshow Becomes Mevio and Loses my Password
Open Mic Stage: N. Carolina GOP's Anti-Obama Ad, How Hillary Can Still Win, "Jack Ass Brigade" - Fishbone, "Poor Earth" - Elinor Wylie, "Montreal Calling" - Mobile, SeoulPodcast Promo, "When Irish Eyes Are Burning" - The Ike Reilly Assassination
Map Room: Low Carbon Diet, Thirst Aid – On-The-Fly Water Purification, Scientists Figure Out How To Grow Plants In Moondust, Nurture Over Nature: Certain Genes Are Turned On Or Off By Geography And Lifestyle
Venue Verite: Father Michael Pfleger Pwns Fox News

Music Bed: "Human" - Hol Baumann (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 138 - April 18th, 2K8     Duration: 49:28

"To Shakespeare After Three Hundred Years" - Thomas Hardy, "Serial Drama" - Children of a New Jazz Era
Geeknotes: Poetry Bomb, 20 Poems for National Poetry Month
Open Mic Stage: "Guess Who Killed My Twelve Lovers" - Harem Arms, Erk Pod Promo, "It's The Stare" - Goodnight Sunrise, "Cry The Sea" - Dead Leaf Echo, Bear Crawling Promo, Tim Robbins NAB Speech
Map Room: Scientists Take Drugs to Boost Brain Power, Laser Triggers Artificial Lightning, Curious Cloud Formations Linked to Quakes, Nuked Coral Reef Bounces Back
Venue Verite: "Shakespearian Pie" - The FuMP

Music Bed: "Tunga" - Meso (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 137 - April 11th, 2K8     Duration: 39:55

"Smooth Relaxation" - Sine
Geeknotes: Reinstate Randi, John McCain's Bottom 10, Chicago Poetry News
Open Mic Stage: "Routine and Dollar Signs (acoustic remix)" - Goodnight Sunrise, The Chillcast with Anji Bee, Science For Girls Feature, "Monkey Love" - The Horse You Rode In On, Randi Routine, Janeane Garofalo
Map Room: The Grid: Superfast Internet, Spy Camera Sunglasses, USB Digital Camera, Sweat Ducts May Act As Antenna For Lie Detection
Venue Verite: "Neverland" - Galway Kinnell

Music Bed: "Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol.2" - Sine (MySpace)

Sundown Lounge No. 136 - April 4th, 2K8     Duration: 46:08

Resident Bush booed on Opening Day
Geeknotes: NaPoWriMo, Charles Bernstein on NaPoMo, Democrats.com picnic
Open Mic Stage: King on Malcolm X, Ten OTHER Things MLK Said, "Winning is Everything" - Ionia, Movies For the Blind Promo, "No One Ever Does" - Saul Williams, "Broken Hearts Sounds Like Breakbeats" - Los Campesinos, "Bohemian Financial Rhapsody" - Geoff Smith
Map Room: Tooth Regeneration, The Lynx - Rocket For Two, Daisies can Lower Triglycerides, Yuri's Night at NASA Ames Lab
Venue Verite: "The Future" - Lyn Hejinian

Music Bed: "z veseljem exported" - aaron goldbody vs. luke the wizard (Kahvi)

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