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Sundown Lounge No. 165e - December 22nd, 2K8     Duration: 28:23

"Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire" - The Bob Rivers Show
Geeknotes: SlamIdol Contest No. 24 Promo, The Inner Circle Holiday Extravaganza
Open Mic Stage: "Lakeshore Blue AM" - Thierry Kaufmann, The Night After Christmas - Anne P. L. Field, "For The Trees" - Chris Huff
In lieu of Venue Verite, A Word on the Semantics of Marriage

(Thanks to Jamie Lynn Fletcher for "Chipmunks")

Sundown Lounge No. 165 - December 19th, 2K8     Duration: 49:53

"Christmas Time Is Here" - from "A Charlie Brown Christmas", "Christmas 2008" - Last November
Geeknotes: SkydiverGirls Xmas Promo, Rock Out With Rudy Sarzo, Full Feed Is Up
Open Mic Stage: "Happy Christmas" - John Lennon, "I'd Rather Be Naughty" - A Dont Hug Me Christmas Carol, "A Politically Correct Christmas Carol" - The Bitmap, "Im Doing Nothing For Christmas" - David Tanny, "Little Tree" - ee cummings, Cyberpunkradio Promo, "Love is A Mantra, Remix" - Astronauts of Antiquity, Greensleeves" - Derek K. Miller, "Gimme Christmas-A Song for my youtube friends" - batfink777
Map Room: Draft Beer TV, Incubators Made Out Of Car Parts To Curb Infant Mortality In Developing Countries, Mp3-Recording Guitar, Platinum-Free Fuel Cells Eliminates Need For Expensive Catalysts, GPS Angel Red Light/Speed Camera Warning System
Venue Verite: "Mrs. Santa Claus" - Carolyn S. Bailey

Music Bed: Sleigh Bells!

Sundown Lounge No. 164 - December 12th, 2K8     Duration: 56:17

Jesse Jackson Jr. Fights off Blago Taint
Geeknotes: Blago Art, New Black Authors and Published Writers Directory, Bettie Page, Links Hall Writing, Performance, and Video Festival, SL Archives Complete
Open Mic Stage: Former Housing CEOs: Poor People Did Not Cause The Current Financial Crisis, "Nerdy Gospel" - CSHC, "Make U - Naked Eros Mix" - Etrangers, "Womb Blues" - Broken Sleep, Mike Huckabee's Genteel Homophobia on TDS, "Losing My Religion" - Jacqui Naylor, "Imagine This" - Ourmedia
Map Room: Brain Cells That Are A Key To Learning Discovered, The Palm Pistol, EU Court to Britain: Your National DNA Database Violates Human Rights, Hubble Finds Carbon Dioxide On An Extrasolar Planet
Venue Verite: Keith Olbermann Looks At Bush's REAL Legacy

Music Bed: "Infinite Lives" - Workbench (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 163 - December 5th, 2K8     Duration: 47:22

"No regrets" - Lame-Duck Bush, from his 'exit interview' with Charlie Gibson, "Missing The Point" - Tim Banning
Geeknotes: SkydiverGirls.TV Gets Webby Award, Jamie Lynn Fletcher CD Release Party, John Cleese’s Ode to Sean Hannity
Open Mic Stage: "Breakthrough" - Astronauts Of Antiquity, "Silver" - Tom Bolton, "Ain't Misbehavin'" - Jamie Lynn Fletcher, Open Letter to Barack Obama from Marijuana Policy Project, "Double Standards" - Patti Rothberg, "Second Chances Feat. Id Obelus" - Ame One and Nomar Slevik, "Bushido" - On Wave
Map Room: Infrared Light Could Bring Music To The Deaf, Devote 10,000 Hours To Become A Genius, Microscopic Lightsabers To Fight Cancer, Gocycle For The Urban Commuter
Venue Verite: Rachel Maddow with Leo Gerard on 'Blaming the Unions'

Music Bed: "Valek Polkis" - Moroza Knozova (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 162 - November 21st, 2K8     Duration: 52:55

Obama Calls For NCAA Playoffs, "Supa Soul" - Astronauts of Antiquity
Geeknotes: Brad Wilson, New promo, Technorati Blogs, More Archive Shows, Chicago Poetry Calendar Blogspot
Open Mic Stage: "Howl to the Chief: The Obama Puppy Song" - ChannelFrederator, "Animal" - Introvert, "Twelve Oceans" - Twilight Dementia, "Ineffable Wordage" - The Town Crier, Ricefield Radio Promo, "Strangest Places" - Astronauts of Antiquity, "Conservatives declare war on Obama" - g12er, "A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall" - Twilight Dementia, "Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!" - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
Map Room: The iPosture Helps You Achieve Perfect Posture, Stress Hormone Found In Children Who Watch Parents Argue, Ten Minute Blood Test To Identify Cancer Proteins, Turning Rubbish Into Dinners In Kibera
Venue Verite: Barack Obama's Playoff Plan - from TheUncutSportsShow

Music Bed: "I'm Dreaming Of A Dream" - Malt. Tabulated Sounds (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 161 - November 14th, 2K8     Duration: 56:39

Bill Maher's New Rules for the GOP
Geeknotes: On Skype again, Best Sports Podcast: SkydiverGirls, "CORSO: The Last Poet," Fractal Edge Press Becomes Vanity Press
Open Mic Stage: "Fusion Hiphop" - barts21, FM Success Tips Promo, "Human Fly" - Mister Manana, "Harry" - Marc Farre, "Star 69 Me" - Little Plastic Stars, "Wonder" - The Royale, "Over The Rainbow" - KJ Denhert
Map Room: Mini Nuclear Plants to Power 20,000 Homes, Aged Arteries Found In Obese Children, bioHAWT Wind Turbine, New Digital Camera With Built-In Printer, New Spaceship Force Field Makes Mars Trip Possible Venue Verite: KO's Special Comment on Prop 8

Music Bed: Stranglehold" - Weldroid (Kahvi)

156 - 160

Sundown Lounge No. 160 - November 7th, 2K8     Duration: 53:12

"Participatory Democracy" - Studs Terkel, Obama at Grant Park
Geeknotes: CJ's Photos of Obama in Grant Park
Open Mic Stage: "One Poem" - Commoners and Kings, "Alisa" - Doug Cash, Astrologer forecasts Obama, "Little Star" - Tom Bolton, "Wavelength" - Patti Rothberg, Audio from the 11/5 'No On 8' Protest, "Hypocrite" - Melissa Ferrick, Literary Lugwrench Promo, "Epitaph" - Studs Terkel, "Khetha" - Khumbula
Map Room: Not this week - Making History
Venue Verite: From YouTube: Bill Maher Weighs In Post-Election with Larry King

Music Bed: "Radiovision" - Younnat (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 159 - October 31th, 2K8     Duration: 57:08

"I Want 'em Dead" - Thee Merry Widows
Geeknotes: Indie Contact Newsletter, Goddess Rock, Zimbo Books Fiction Competition, SkydiverGirls.TV, Chicago Scene News, Lanaia Lee
Open Mic Stage: "Halloween Girl" - Ghosts On The Radio, "A Midsummer Night's Dream - My Mistress With A Monster Is In Love" - William Shakespeare, The WEIRD Show Promo, "Ghost Social" - Heiress of an Incomplete Mind, "Love Song for Jeffrey Dahmer" - Dudley Saunders, "What Soft Cerubic Creatures" - Emily Dickinson, "Hellbound" - Lo-Lite, "The Living Dead" - The Royale, The BJRadio Show Promo, "Death Rattle Boogie" - Sid Sings, "Burn in Hell" - The Brettster, "The Devil's Outlaw" - Thee Merry Widows Map Room: Not this week!
Venue Verite: "The Haunted Chamber" - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, "A Haunted House" - Virginia Woolf

Music Bed: Halloween Mix

"A Midsummer Night's Dream" - Read by Rhonda Federman
"What Soft Cerubic Creatures" - Read by Alan Davis-Drake
"The Haunted Chamber" - Read by Kristin Hughes
"A Haunted House" - Read by David Federman

Sundown Lounge No. 158 - October 10th, 2K8     Duration: 59:54

"The Lady is a Sham" - Old Brown Eyes [PoliticalRalph]
Geeknotes: New Map Room Gazette, New Twitter Joint, Halloween Show
Open Mic Stage: "The Dragon" - Hydropods, "Infinite Night" - Carrie Rodriguez, Campbell Brown Calls Out the McCain-Palin Lynch Mob, "1000 Miles" - Mike Errico, Geekazine.com Promo, Richard III - Set down, set down your honorable load (Act 1, Scene 2) - Wm. Shakespeare, "Talkin' Bush" - Adam Balbo, "Urban [t]Error" - Industry Giant, GM CEO Rick Wagoner, "I Wanna Be An Alcoholic" - Chachi On Acid
Map Room: Study: Cell Phones Can Affect Sperm Quality, 'Green Gasoline' Crafted From Sugar And Carbohydrates, TFAS: A New Procedure That Can Restore Full Use Of Spine, Carbon Is Building Up in Atmosphere Faster Than Predicted
Venue Verite: KO Special Comment on Palin's Race Baiting

Music Bed: Music Bed: "Island vs City" - Meso (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 157 - September 19th, 2K8     Duration: 61:59

McCain on the Economy, Money - W.H. Davies
Geeknotes: Brad Wilson, SkydiverGirls, Chicago Cultural Center Literary Gallery
Open Mic Stage: "Sunday Afternoon" - Last November, Santa Barbara Theatre of the Air Promo, "Love Letter" - Blood Red Sun, "The Man From Harlem" - Cab Calloway, "Swollen Fortunes" - William Jennings Bryan, "Bad Cat" - Gert, "Be Still" - Five A.M., Young Turks Slam AIG, "Lets Feel Terrible Together" - Adam Balbo, "Shout" - Donna Lewis, Keith Olbermann on McCain-Palin Liars, "Democracy Tanks" - Gravitator
Map Room: Scientists Discover Method Of Powdering Methane Gas, Software Spots the Spin in Political Speeches, Vatican Says it Does Not Owe Darwin an Apology, New Carbon Material Stores Large Quantities Of Renewable Electrical Energy
Venue Verite: Obama on the Economy

Music Bed: Music Bed: "Island vs City" - Meso (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 156 - September 12th, 2K8     Duration: 56:16

Paul Bergala Calls A Liar A Liar, "Life Goes On" - Gert
Geeknotes: No Chicago Poetry Fest this year, but there is The Devil's Kitchen Literary Fest Open Mic Stage: "Sails To The Wind" - Dirty Heads, Palin Praises Obama, "Chasing Rainbows" - Little Plastic Stars, "Addiction" - Peach Stealing Monkeys, Palin Scares Matt Damon, "Last Breath" - David Thornton, Palin Fails 1st ABC Interview, Whispers Radio Promo, "Pluto's Not A Planet Anymore" - The Ponsonby DCs
Map Room: Touch-Hear - Knowledge At Your Fingertips, Menstrual Blood May Save Lives, Excessive Thinking Will Make You Fat, Electricity From Dirt
Venue Verite: "Special Comment: 9-11,TM" - Keith Olbermann

Music Bed: Music Bed: "Whom" - Curious inversions (Kahvi)

151 - 155

Sundown Lounge No. 155 - September 5th, 2K8     Duration: 63:27

Hello Palin, "I Went With The Road" - Brian Vander Ark
Geeknotes: Verge of LA, Poetry Super Highway Poetry Contest, Novel on Deadline
Open Mic Stage: "BO5" - mrandmrsmays, Brains Matter Promo, Dennis Kucinich at the DNC, "Deliverance" - Twilight Dementia, Noonan Speaks Truth, "What Does God See" - War Stories, "Eye Of The Needle" - Babylon Mystery Orchestra, CNN’s Campbell Brown Rips Palin, "And Now We Stand Up" - Leaving Richmond, Amy Goodman Arrested By Storm Troopers, "I Know My Rights" - the hipcola
Map Room: Space Cube - World’s Smallest Computer, Why Cannibalism Is Bad, Rosetta Spacecraft On Its Way To Meet Asteroid Steins, The Large Hadron Collider: how the press demeans science
Venue Verite: Velvet Revolution on Rove Cyber Vote Theft

Music Bed: Music Bed: "Zerochoice" - Tom Bragl (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 154 - August 16th, 2K8     Duration: 50:13

McCain: Dazed, Confused, and Bellicose, "Forty Five Remedies" - Tim Fite
Geeknotes: One Page Screenplay Contest, Skydiver Girls, Corsi - Unfit For Publication
Open Mic Stage: Nancy Pelosi Knows Her Job, "Reefer Song" - Fats Waller, "So It Goes" - Blood Red Sun, Ask Blackie Promo, Jack Cafferty on McCain - Say What? "Home This Year" - Virginia Coalition, Stuart Shepard of Focus On The Family: Please God, Rain on Obama, "Not Leaving" - Corey TuT
Map Room: Japan’s Styrofoam Dome Homes, MIT Developing Super Realistic 6-D Imaging Device, World's Largest Solar Energy Project Planned For India
Venue Verite: "Minnie The Moocher" - Cab Calloway, from Fleischer Brothers' 1932 Cartoon

Music Bed: "The Lotus Opus" - Chenard Walcker (Comfortstand)

Sundown Lounge No. 153 - August 8th, 2K8     Duration: 53:17

"Lullaby" - Twilight Dementia
Geeknotes: Chicago Poetry Neutral Zone, G Tom Mac Contest, SlamIdol Contest 22, Obamaphobia
Open Mic Stage: The Force Field Promo, Obama tire guage comeback, Jack Cafferty on McCain, "Wish You Well" - G Tom Mac, "Insomnia" - Inca Maya, "Hiroshima" - Harry Truman, "Shut The Sun Out" - Donna Lewis, "Jesus had Breakfast in Bed" - Last November, PickUp Podcast Promo, "You Can Leave Your Hat On" - Lin McEwan
Map Room: Dutch Town To Be Paved With Air Purifying Concrete, Orgasms ‘with the Touch of a Button,’ MIT Working to Create the $12 Laptop, Obama Delivers Space Policy Speech in Florida
Venue Verite: Olbermann: John Dean Confirms Suskind’s Book On Impeachable Crimes

Music Bed: "People Doing Strange Things With Electricity Too" Compilation

Sundown Lounge No. 152 - August 1st, 2K8     Duration: 46:08

"Of the Center" - Kati Mac
Geeknotes: La Sauce Inattendue, Brad Wilson August Calendar
Open Mic Stage: "Just Say Anything" - Five A. M., "I Never Say Goodbye" - Jimmy Lloyd, "Beyond Elections" - Mumia Abu Jamal, "McCain Love" - Media Matters Ad, "All That She Needs" - Della Valle, "Low Road" - Obama Ad, Rachel Maddow Pwns Pat Buchannan, "Voice Mail (from the blues)" - Booze Monkey
Map Room: Chip Developed That Makes Internet 60 Times Faster, N-Prize Competition, Houston Doctors Say They May Have Found A Way To Destroy HIV, Cheap Catalyst Could Turn Sunlight, Water Into Fuel
Venue Verite: Breaking News: Water on Mars

Music Bed: "The Slip" - Nine Inch Nails

Sundown Lounge No. 151 - July 25th, 2K8     Duration: 47:56

Obama Speech, 'Promise'
Geeknotes: Author Nation Promos, Firefox 3? Not So Much...
Open Mic Stage: "Good News" - Mass Marvel, Fox Busted at the National Conference of Media Reform, "Sly Fox" - Nas, Desperate McCain, "Booby Trap" - Jeremy Gratton, "Like a Fox" - Imaginitis, "Traitors of the Lost Ark" - Easton Legacy, "Talk Shit" - Hostile, "Introit" - Mister Ed
Map Room: Next Gen Wind Energy Design, Toy Rocket Inspires Variable-Speed Bullets, Potentially Serious Security Flaws Found In Most Bank Websites, Rumor: Apple to Launch MacBook Touch
Venue Verite: Obama Speech, 'Walls'

Music Bed: "Small Suburban Heartbeats" - Alkor (Kahvi)

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