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Archive Page - Shows 256 - 270

266 - 270

Sundown Lounge No. 270 - March 23, 2012,     Duration: 69:40

"The Miami Scene"

"Grease" - Tunes and Tones

Geeknotes: California Realism Exhibit, 2012 Creative Chicago Expo, Sid Yiddish On WGN Radio April 1st, NOCTURNAL book launch, UrbanWorld, Rusted Root 20th anniversary, Music COnnection Ad of the Week, AfroFuturism: A Performative Lecture

Open Mic Stage:

"Por Tu Mala Cabeza" - Luis Manuel
"Anacaona" - Andares Latin Band
"Addiction" - City of Sirens
"Jugando A Ser Libres" - MALAYERBA
"Señor Señor" - FatKingBulla
"Toast to the good life" - Diligent Allstars
"Demo" - Sweet Spot305
"sonic BOOM!" - Nick Strange

Map Room: Drugs cause about five times more side effects than realized, Most college students in the U.S. prefer digital over print when reading, People who daydream have sharper brains

Venue Verite: "Sweat Records is Miami's Best Music Store" - artstreetmiami

Music Bed: "August Nights" "Walking Society"- A&L

Sundown Lounge No. 269 - March 16, 2012,     Duration: 1:24:03

"Another Ariel Showcase"

"Western Sunrise" - Art Decade

Geeknotes: Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, Kaneabis Report, Former Grand Funk Bassist joins RWB, Smog Veil March Newsletter, Free Songwriting Handbook from Berklee‏, Music Connection Ad of the Week, PayPal Reverses Action On Smashwords

Open Mic Stage:

"Behind Our Eyes" - Midwest Hype
"She's Gonna Be Mine" - John Seeger
"Honesty" - Nicholas Wonder
"Wandering Monks" - Wandering Monks
"Don't Talk Crazy" - Frank Herzberg Trio
"Indigenous" - Green Tea
"Church On Sunday" - May McDonough and Co.
"Got 2 Me" - Ten Year Vamp
"The Days of Deferment" - Relevant Discord

Map Room: Scientists discover gene that holds key to extending life 20 years, Scientist implanted with RFID Chip gets computer virus, Homeless People Hired To Act As 4G Hotspots at SXSW, Microsoft’s Universal Translator Preserves Inflection, Intonation and Accent

Venue Verite: "What Seth Godin Can Teach The Music Industry, Part 1" - Ariel at the Fuse Festival

Music Bed: "The Man Who Sold The World" "Queen Bitch" "1984" - The Wee Trio

Sundown Lounge No. 268 - March 09, 2012,     Duration: 51:50

"Hopscotch East Coast Showcase"

"WHAT IF...?" - corey e houlihan

Geeknotes: Green Party Benefit in Santa Monica, CJ Laity Reviews New Anthology, Emily Rose at Molly Malone's, Mishigoss with PayPal, Smashwords and Lulu

Open Mic Stage:

"Make Yur Head Bounce" - Drop Goblin
"Don't Stop" - K-Thug
"Orbitron" - dJESSa
"Treeline " - Sarah Donner
"Out of shape" - Kevin Goller
"Underwater" - ELE (EverybodyLovesEverybody)
"EOT Live" - Munkfish
"Reflections" - Voices

Map Room: Spherical solar cells capture sunlight from all directions, Futuristic speech-jamming gun immediately silences you whether you like it or not, Heart disease drug reduces racial prejudice: Study

Venue Verite: Jack Kerouac Reads from "On The Road," Uploaded by mojo4mojo

Music Bed: "011011 Track 1" - Thompson W. Goble

Sundown Lounge No. 267 - March 02, 2012,     Duration: 59:02

"Another West coast Showcase"

"Senorita" - Goldie Mac

Geeknotes: Verge of the Beat - "The Ghost of Lenny Bruce," In Chi-Town - CAPP Poetry Contest, Patricia Smith Book Release Bash, Two AWP Offsite Events and Dreaming of Spring at Calles y Sueños, March 2012 Music Connection Mag, Urban World UK Club Scene Picks, Gypsy Art Show Seeks Writer, Saul Williams "Volcanic Sunlight," Author Nation Returns

Open Mic Stage:

"Don't Let Me Get Lonely" - The Record Company
"Spies" - The Hugeness
"A Rowboat In the Perfect Storm" - Halos
"Touch Myself" - ViCiOUS BUNNY
"Grand Master" - Aaron Tiberi
"INNuendo of love" - Nique Mz Ladylyke
"Prosperity" - Union 13
"Oprah Winfrey" - Wendy J. Smith
"This is what violence tastes like" - Mouse!

Map Room: Google Offers $1 Million in Hacker Bounties for Exploits Against Chrome, Smartphone Sensor Scans Food for E. Coli, Two New Blood Types Identified, What Creatures are Living on your Smartphone?

Venue Verite: "My World " - Venice3393, "Ode to The Los Angeles River" - Mike The Poet

Music Bed: "Space Hop" - N.Sputnik, "cascade" - Danny Hauger, "Lucid Dreams" - Bill Mazur

Sundown Lounge No. 266 - February 24, 2011,     Duration: 64:34

"Far East Flyover"

"Fujisawa Loser" - Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Geeknotes: Michael Warr, Luis Rodriguez, and Patricia Smith at Jaks Tap, New CD Baby Facebook Guide, Art Moscow 2012, The King Drive Consortium

Open Mic Stage:

"Dragon Uppercut" - Android Beach Party
"Sew you said" - Curiousface
"Huan - featuring Miss Melody [Jarome's Peking Duck Mix]... " - Mobidextrous
"Buta" - Hamacide
"It Was You" - swivelized sounds
"Talking Stone" - Crackerjack
"All U Got" - RemmosK
"Water Rising" - Ca Va
"Ricki the Noose" - THE JACKS

Map Room: Single-atom transistor is end of Moore’s Law, Eating dessert at breakfast may help you lose weight, Albert Einstein’s 10 Biggest Scientific Mistakes

Venue Verite: "Steve Jobs on Foxconn" - pudox34, "Apple & Foxconn" - LeakSourceArchive

Music Bed: "Close" - unLived-DejaVu, "High Rise" - Sunken Seas, "Lunisoif" - Downstate

Playlists:     261 - 265

Sundown Lounge No. 265 - February 17, 2012,     Duration: 66:54

"Back to Work, on the show"

"In Us With Us" - Tony Balance

Geeknotes: Rambunctious Review, SSDP2012, IC Artist Agency seeks New Talent for U.S. College Booking, New Albums by Catgut, Ten Year Vamp & Tiny Riots, Smog Veil News, AuthorNation down, Welcome BookCountry, Heavy Lifting

Open Mic Stage:
"Daykeeper feat Muhsinah" - The Foreign Exchange
"Lil Shu [Micah Mix]" - Garcia's Grooves
"Railroad Tracks" - Stop Light Observations
"Blue January" - Jenny Dalton
"Work without Hope" - Samuel Taylor Coleridge
"Dance for me (Skaterdam)" - Dutchleprechaun
"Sweet Disposition" - The Temper Trap
"Exordium" - Post Modern Dead Era (8401 Recordings)
"No Son of MIne" - Echowide

Map Room: Green tea the secret to healthy old age: study, MIT creates solar panels from leaves and grass, Scientists create human brain cells from skin

Venue Verite: "Jobless In America" - AP story uploaded by PigMine3

Music Bed: "Zen4" - Maido Project; "Rotating" "Elastic" - Tokyo507

Sundown Lounge No. 264 - October 14, 2011,     Duration: 62:17

"Monster Beach Jam"

"What Soft Cerubic Creatures" - Emily Dickinson
"Gimme More" - The Seizures

Geeknotes: I Am Not Lefthanded, Stars Go Dim, Hollywood Black Film Festival

Open Mic Stage:
"Mosters" - Cblock
"Monster A Go Go" - CRUD
"Surfing Munsters" - HITCHCOCKS
"Costa Rica Carnage" - The Archers
"Ghosts" - Marguerite Mooers Marshall
"Sandstorm" - Meatwood
"Brand Of Bitterness" - Sarah June
"Swamp Witch Woman" - The Legendary OLantern Brothers
"Hell Riders" - Angie and the Car Wrecks
"Zombie Dance Party" - Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion
"A Story For A Dragging Skull" - Kundalini Surf
"Ghosts n Goblins" - Al Hotchkiss

Map Room: Humans are still evolving, Air pollution from traffic can impair the way the brain functions, What did the world’s first language sound like?

Venue Verite: "The Ghosts’ High Noon" - W. S. Gilbert
"The Witch" - Mary Coleridge

Music Bed: A spooky Halloween mix, plus "guitar string ominous" - nicStage (Freesound.org)

"What Soft Cerubic Creatures" Read by: Alan Davis-Drake
"Ghosts" Read by bmkeener
"The Ghosts’ High Noon" Read by: Ruth Golding
"The Witch" Read by: Alison Raouf

Sundown Lounge No. 263 - October 01, 2011,     Duration: 100:24

"Anime Songs"

"Tank" - The Seatbelts (Cowboy Bebop)

Geeknotes: Poetry Foundation Arrests Poets, BSFS Black TV Channel, Maybe

Open Mic Stage:
"Chain" - Back-On (Air Gear)
"Rolling Star" - Yui (Bleach)
"Hero's Come Back" - Nobodyknows+ (Naruto Shippuden)
"Color" - Aika Kobayashi (Freezing)
"On the precipice of defeat" - Shiro Sagisu (Bleach)
"Inner Universe" - ORIGA (Ghost in the Shell SAC 1st Gig)
"Falling Down" - Oasis (Eden of the East)
"Duvet" - BoA (Serial Experiments LAIN)
"Dear future" - Coaltar of the deepers (Mawaru Penguindrum)
"After Dark" - Asian Kung-Fu Generation (Bleach)
"Colors of the Heart" - Uverworld (Blood+)
"Hacking to the Gate" - Kanako Ito (Steins Gate)
"19 years old" - Shikao Suga (xxxHolic)
"Nube Negra" - Shirou Sagisu (Bleach)
"Color (Piano ver.)" - Aika Kobayashi (Freezing)
"Highschool of the Dead" - Maon Kurosaki
"Cold Finger Girl" - Chiaki Kuriyama (Level E)
"What's Up People?" - Maximum the Hormone (Death Note)

Map Room: Brain continues to learn even while asleep, Taiwan develops rewritable paper that works without electricity, Farewell to Fermilab's Tevatron

Venue Verite: Sustain the (ANIME) Industry - ST(A)I

Music Bed: "Walking in Tokyo, Akihabara" - Egawauemon

Photo: tokyoezine.com

Sundown Lounge No. 262 - September 25, 2011,     Duration: 52:58

"Another West Coast Showcase"

"Weights" - Evola

Geeknotes: Not Ths Week

Open Mic Stage:
"To You" - Matt Kaaihue
"Our Love Is Here" - Roads
"Timeless" - Deaf Concepts
"House on a Pill" - Kenny Grylls
"Ari Vox" - Quiet Arrest
"Who Knows" - Indigo Child
"We're Growing Older - Rhythm of The Dying World" - Speak Friend
"The Foreshadow" - Bad Mutha Buskers
"Soul Cry feat. Missy Jae" - James Wade

Map Room: Not Ths Week

Venue Verite: Some Poetry from "Gorilla" - Hydropods

Music Bed: "Happy Cake" - Brian Casey/EricSkye Trio, "Ambient Piano" - Michael Sinitsin

Sundown Lounge No. 261.5 - August 12, 2011,     Duration: 54:38

"6th Anniversary Show, Pt.2"

"Union Of Concerned Scientists" - The Priddle Concern

Geeknotes: Experimental Writers Asylum, The Silver Tour

Open Mic Stage:
"Mediaopoly" - SNL's Conspiracy Theory Rock
Pagan Poetry - Bjork
"One Poem" - Commoners and Kings
"Alisa" - Doug Cash
"Supa Soul" - Astronauts of Antiquity
"Bale Out" - RevoLucian's Christian Bale Remix
"Bandelero" - Slightly Stoopid
"Sweep The Leg" - Karate High School
"Flow" - The Peak Show
"Drekasöngur" - Mammút

Map Room: Is Cancer A New Parasite Species, $2 Erasable E-Paper Aims to Replace Paper, New antiviral Drug Could Destroy Nearly Any Viral Infection

"The Awful Green Things from Outer Space" - Clouseaux (PMN)

Music Bed: "A Thousand Years and One" "Between Nothingness and Eternity" - Mikael Fyrek

Sundown Lounge No. 261 - June 17, 2011,     Duration: 74:05

"6th Anniversary Show, Pt.1"

"X-Rays" - Chenard Walcker

Geeknotes: Not This Week

Open Mic Stage:
Clip from "PCHellway"
"You Will See" - Engine7
"I Want To Go Home" - Samantha Murphy
"The Do Rights" - William S. Burroughs
"If I Could Be Your" - Rachel Kann
"Faceless" - Negative Soul
"Ici la Femme (XXX Mix) Louise Vertigo" - The Lounge King
"Conflictos" - ONK
"Anywhere But Here" - Behavior
"If Jesus Came" - Künstler Treu
"The Charmers" - Young Widows
"Anti-Anti" - Snowden
"Run And Play" - Potent

Map Room: Scientists Stabilize Antimatter, Could Lead to Starships, Scientists A Step Closer to a ‘Miracle’ Treatment for Genetic Diseases, Scientists Discover Protein to Restore Grey Hair to It’s Original Color

"Casino Ambience"
"El Momentito" - Pulsions du Moi
"Hope For Us" - The Jealous Sound

Music Bed: "Do You Think It's Just A Dream?" "Things I See" - Mikhael Fyrek

Playlists:     256 - 260

Sundown Lounge No. 260 - June 10, 2011,     Duration: 66:07

"Tropic of Cancer"

"Tropic of Cancer" - gmt3010

Geeknotes: Buddhapalooza at Cafe Ballou, Music Connection Ad of the Week, Podcast Novel Put to Bed

Open Mic Stage:
"Perdoname" - Teoner
"ALET ZAMAN" - YAMAR (rami alaa)
"jawad-kaf.ayamek" - Gang JAWAD AL ALI
"Teray LAkk day hulaarya tay" - Dj JOGI feat Heera phumman
"Tepantor" - Cryptic Fate
"Darling" - Bollywood & Hollywood
"Money" - The Rising Hedons
"Corazon" - Los Romanticos de Zacatecas
"Spirit of Orishas" - Erick Gonzales

Map Room: World’s First Solar Power Plant That Generates Electricity at Night, Your Brain Can’t Handle More Than 150 Friends, U.N. Report Declares Internet Access a Human Right

Venue Verite: "Tropic of Cancer - Germaine" By Henry Miller - SpokenVerse

Music Bed: "White Shadow" - fragile

Sundown Lounge No. 259 - June 03, 2011,     Duration: 56:14

"Summer Surfing Safari 2011"

"Dysfunctional Family Theme" - Android Beach Party

Geeknotes: New City's Racist Top 50 List, Urban Twang, South Coast AQMD Lawnmower Exchange, Capitol Records Seeks Indie Bands

Open Mic Stage:
"Black Light Doves" - The Nautics
"Surf Reveille" - The Surfites
"Mondo Eldorado" - Black Velvet Elvis
"Surfin Assassin" - Luau Or Die
"Surfin Tucson" - Angie and the Car Wrecks
"El Toro Loco" - Colie Brice
"Flight of the Surf Guitar" - One Fathom Down
"Cateye Glasses" - Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion
"Six Minute Jam" - The Wired Wave

Map Room: Donkey’s Milk Helps You Lose Weight, 22 Year Old College Student Finds ‘Missing Mass’ of the Universe, A Drug That Can Erase Your Memories

Venue Verite: "Hawaii Style Living" - TheHapaman

Music Bed: "Rouvn" "Podsnejniki" "Dolooe" From "Jeen" - Leksha

Sundown Lounge No. 258 - May 28, 2011,     Duration: 51:59

"In Through the Transom"

"All The Places" - Made In Heights

Geeknotes: Trunk Fest, Motor City Black Age of Comics Con, Los Angeles Black Book Festival, Brad Wilson

Open Mic Stage:
"Waste My Breath" - Sheri Miller
"Mourning Time" - Team Smile and Nod
"Let It Go" - Quest The Artist
"Restless Youth" - Air Dubai
"Dance" - Saul Williams
"Electric City" - Wax Ersatz
"Bar Bar Anthology" - Charly "the city mouse" Fasano

Map Room: Carbon Nanotube Patch Could Help Heal the Heart, British Inventor Plans Spectacles Revolution for Developing Countries, Swiss Researchers Look Forth to Generate Power From Human Blood Flow

Venue Verite: "This is Memorial Day! A Day to Remember" - Greg O'Brien

Music Bed: "Last Flute" "Unknown Journey" "Drums"- Bamboo Music

Sundown Lounge No. 257 - May 20, 2011,     Duration: 57:53

"Another West Coast Showcase"

"Young San Francisco" - Boy In Static

Geeknotes: Avon Voices Songwriting Competition, Genesis Science Fiction Magazine Issue #1

Open Mic Stage:
"Crowning" - Just Tony
"Opposites" - Keylow B
"Yours" - Benjamin Brown
"Quietly" - John Daniel Winters
"Waves" - SUNBEAM RD.
"Untouchable" - The Terminal Velocity
"Exit Stage Left" - Andy Colquhoun
"Dub March" - Irie Idea

Map Room: Antihydrogen Could Lead to Anti-gravity, Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity Proven, Astonomers Begin Search for Alien Life on 86 Planets, The Difference Between a Genius and an Idiot May Come Down to a Single Gene

Venue Verite: "Ross Miller's stand up comedy" - Ross Miller "the Punctual Pothead"

Music Bed: "Gravity" "Secret Garden" - "Secret Garden" - Aurom

Sundown Lounge No. 256 - May 13, 2011,     Duration: 71:58

"Another Ariel Showcase"

"2 Way Dreamtime (D.J. Krush Mix) " - DIG (Directions in Groove)

Geeknotes: Urban Twang, Rusty Wright, Richard Fammeree, Music Connection, East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention, Black Bookstore Link, Kaneabis

Open Mic Stage:
"Bumblebee" - Rachel Brown
"I'll See You There" - Van Müller
"Prayer for Love" - Hudson K
"Start All Over" - Carmen Townsend
"Just A Little Bit" - Kids of 88
"Aibbas jaska _ All still" - Elin Kaaven
"The Grind" - The Kobolds
"Damn That River" - The Evidence
"S-S-S-Saturday" - Bowling For Soup

Map Room: First Practical Artificial Leaf Developed, World’s First Interactive Paper Computer, A Virus Could Help You Lose Weight

Venue Verite: Excerpt from "Sound Advice TV Vol 5: Twitter Basics Part 1"

Music Bed: "Enjoy Your Life" "Cats" from "Cats" - Brioskj

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