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Sundown Lounge No. 90 - March 23rd, 2K7     Duration: 50:46

"Deep Soul Revolution" - Deregulators
Geeknotes: Harrison's Back, Cloudy Day Art's Poets Against the War Video
Open Mic Stage: "Not A Ghost" - freshsunday, Cheap Date Promo, "Guess What" - Dakota, "George Dubya" - Revolutionary Grooves, "Anniversary of Disaster" - Mumia Abu Jamal, "Can't Go Back From War" - Transrational Railway, "Roof Top" - JAZ Rice, C64 Take away promo, "loud year" - Nagz
Map Room: Huge Amounts of Water at Mars' South Pole, Rapid Victories Against Extreme Poverty, New Irises and Corneas From Stem Cells
Venue Verite: "Politicization of Justice" - Mumia Abu Jamal

Music Bed: "Comet Ride" - Bruce Lenkei, "Planets" - Sascha Müller, "3,000,000 Million Light Years To Altair IV" - The Pan-Galactic All Stars - "Interplanetary Materials" Compilation (2007) (Comfortstand)

Sundown Lounge No. 89 - March 16th, 2K7     Duration: 39:57

"You Are The Woman" - Unspoken
Geeknotes: LA Pod Monthly, Hitting the Wall
Open Mic Stage: "Thinkeasy" - Makar, "The West Coast Cat" - Bluesmen Get Hungry, The Rules Promo, Charles Lindbergh - Address On U.S. Neutrality, "Ophelia - Read by Jennette Selig" - Walter de la Mare, "Satellite Maia" - Justice On A Budget, The Sci Phi Show Promo, "Argyle Pimpin" - The Argyle Pimps
Map Room: First Commercially Available Brain To Computer Interface, World’s First SciFi Interior Design Firm, Energy 2.0: Smells Like Green Spirit
Venue Verite: "Women's Worlds" - Mumia Abu Jamal

Music Bed: "What We Do To Understand" - Introspective (2002); "Peace In Rest" - Nagz (2003) (

Sundown Lounge No. 88 - March 9th, 2K7     Duration: 39:52

"Pontificate Broken" - Jeremy Gratton
Geeknotes: The Slam Idol OWC continues, the Patio is Humming, and Daize Shayne's in Vegas, it's March Madness
Open Mic Stage: "Superstar" - Nadir, Mac Tips Daily Promo, "Sunshine Runs the Voodoo Down" - Gigolo Sunshine, "Running" - Eliane Elias, "I Can't Get No Customer Satisfaction" - Frank Burton, "Hop A Train" - HardKnox, Medicast Promo
Map Room: MIT Posts Entire Curriculum Online for Free, Clinical Trials Go Offshore, Why the Media Passes Off Bunk as News
Venue Verite: "Skid Row America On Line 1..." - My OWC Poem

Music Bed: "Rain II," "Lai Do" - "Insecure Filter" by Atmogat (2007) (

Sundown Lounge No. 87 - March 2nd, 2K7     Duration: 49:13

"Jammin" - Eliane Elias
Geeknotes: Slam Idol Open Writing Challenge, Series I'm Reading, ClickCaster, No More '24'
Open Mic Stage: "Tigers (Savannah Mix)" - Briareus, The Writing Show Promo, "Cat's Bite" - Boom Boom Becket, Tips From The Top Floor Promo, "Postcard" - Frank Burton, "Venus" - Kcentric, "Moodball" - Green Man
Map Room: Int'l Polar Year, Emergency Care Guinea Pigs, Scientists Invent Real-Life 'Tricorder'
Venue Verite: "The March To Tehran" - Mumia Abu Jamal

Music Bed: "Sunflower," "Particles," "Crocodile Tears" - "Zoo" by Workbench (2007) (

Sundown Lounge No. 86 - February 23rd, 2K7     Duration: 45:05

"Turtle Doves" - The Fabrications
Geeknotes: Bollywood & Indian Film Festival in Sao Paulo, Bad Jamie CD Release Shows in Boston & NYC, Pod Updates
Open Mic Stage: Freelance America Promo, "Pink Eye" - Justice On A Budget, "Los Muertos Rock" - Last Call Brawlers, "Girlfriend's Ghost" - Sophia Ramos, Podtini Promo, "Indivisible" - Addek
Map Room: Scientists Generate Electricity in Novel Way, Human Compassion Surprisingly Limited, New Cells from Old Brains, Incorrect Results Easy to Get
Venue Verite: "Royal Presidents" - Mumia Abu Jamal

Music Bed: "Noa Lake," "Cumulus," "winternumb" - "Apologies" by Mosaik (2007) (

81 - 85

Sundown Lounge No. 85 - February 16th, 2K7     Duration: 42:34

"Skin Listens" - Rachel Kann
Geeknotes: BrotherKeeper by Larry Janowski, Poetry And The Law, JVonD's TV vidcast and stream hosting, Kevin Rudd - Good on Ya
Open Mic Stage: "Earth and Flesh" - Anji Bee, "Internet Date v2.0" - Grand Theft Goodwill, "Smoke Filling In Car" - Momo-J, "Nur der Filter" - Brackwasser, Quirky Nomads Promo, "Down Under Sound Trac" - Guardian Mind Mix
Map Room: Cosmic Rays Blamed for Global Warming, Turning Algae into Fuel, Mystery Ailment Strikes Honeybees
Venue Verite: "American Way of Life" - Lori Berenson

Music Bed: "Secret Journey," "Still Waiting," "Silver Gates," "Clouds Command" - "Big Hits" by Mystified (2007) (

Sundown Lounge No. 84 - February 9th, 2K7     Duration: 46:40

"The Forgotten Ideal" - Robert G Parent
Geeknotes: 15th Pan African Film And Arts Festival, Leading Brazilian and Latin-American Filmmakers and Writers at the Academia Internacional de Cinema, Democrats Who Served vs Chickenhawks Who Didn't
Open Mic Stage: "Sin City" - The Legendary Hucklebucks, One Among The Sleepless Promo, "On The Town" - Frank Burton, "Eleventh Wire" - Mooncycle, "Out Of Control" - Bazerk, MySpace Podcast Promo, "Every Time I Turn Around" - Lance Lopez
Map Room: Google's Plan to Control the Internet, Drugs that can be 'Smoked,' The X-Hawk Flying Car
Venue Verite: Black History Month Audio From Mumia Abu-Jamal

Music Bed: "1908," "Louis XV Antiques" - "J E Brandenburger" by Stud (2003) (

Sundown Lounge No. 83 - February 2nd, 2K7     Duration: 42:26

"English Lesson" - Kentucky Jelly
Geeknotes: Chicago Poetry Scene News, Save The New Globe, Elizabeth Bishop in Brazil, Berlin ‘06, Molly Ivins
Open Mic Stage: "I'm Old" - Maria Danes, Goodnight Burbank Promo, "Way Out" - Daize Shayne, Obsidian River Promo, "Out of the Frying Pan" - David Van Tieghem, "the thing from another world" - Acrilic Colors, "liberta" - 2012
Map Room: The Smart Fuel Cell, Hyperbike, Open Access to Science Under Attack, Military Shows Off New Ray Gun
Venue Verite: Censored Audio from Mumia Abu Jamal and Teddy Kennedy

Music Bed: "starfish oblivion," "ununquadiuM rarefaction" - "The Thing From Another World" by Acrilic Colors (2007) (

Sundown Lounge No. 82 - January 26th, 2K7     Duration: 58:34

"Ladies and Gentlemen" - Razed High, "The Rapture of 1973" - Kentucky Jelly
Geeknotes: Tia Chucha's Lament, essential poltical documentaries
Open Mc Stage: "Simplify Your Vision" - Lance Lopez, Balticon Promo, "City of Dis" - Mooncycle, "Autumn" - Tea For Two, Vintage Gamer Promo, "American Rage" - The Majestic Twelve, "Dead Man's Shoes" - Cabaret Voltaire
Map Room: Why Aliens Haven't Found Us Yet, Robot-Built Home, Invisible 'Radio' Tattoos
Venue Verite: Spoon River Anthology

Music Bed: "Real Pleasure," "Mne Kazhetsya," "Zwuk V Kotorum Ti Pishesh" - "Visiting Sky" by Scanntec (2004) (

Sundown Lounge No. 81 - January 19th, 2K7     Duration: 61:01

"Free and Easy" - Lovespirals
Geeknotes: Esnips, The Verse Marauder, Nuvein Urban Legends Of The World Contest
Open Mike Stage: "On Creativity" - Rob Suarez, "bossa del mar" - falkfest, Mostly News Promo, "The Mystery of Life" - Whipped, "One Life" - Nicola, "The Keep - Temporary And Eternal (live)" - Happy Rhodes, Chowder Radio Promo
Map Room: Top 10 Detox Foods, Burqini: Muslim Women's Version of the Bikini, Genetically Modified Hens Lay Eggs Loaded with Drugs, Deadly Frog Fungus Spreads to Japan
Venue Verite: Excerpt from "Beyond Vietnam" speech, April 4th 1967, by MLK

Music Bed: "Octopus City," "Afternoon Coffin Break," "Satyrs," "Rhodetry Salvage" - "Octopus City" by Url (2006) (

76 - 80

Sundown Lounge No. 80 - January 12th, 2K7     Duration: 42:31

"We Come To Get Down" - Bazerk
Geeknotes: Band Plug, Hollywood Podcast Storytime, Banjo Strings is on
Open Mike Stage: "Buddha" - The Magically Delicious Smoking Skunk Monkey, The Ruckus Promo, "feral tales" - Sapien, "Out In The Sun" - Tea For Two, ToddCast Podcast Promo
Map Room: Black Diamonds Come from Outer Space, NASA Outlines Recent Changes in Earth's Freshwater Distribution, Forget the iPhone - Where's The New Apple Software
Venue Verite: "The Cold Candles" - Blackwater Tribe

Music Bed: "Fillet," "Arcade Nightmare," "Something To Settle Later," "Interloop" - "Serpentine" by Jasinski (2006) (

Sundown Lounge No. 79 - January 5th, 2K7     Duration: 37:48

"We Children" - Christine Michael (The Singing Poet), "Mr Blunkit" - Overnite
Geeknotes: Polar Radio, Global Shoutouts
Open Mike Stage: "Another Puff" - The Retsej, Promo, "My Name Ain't Mary" - Nicola, "Let the storm blow over now" - Gravy Goatee
Map Room: Inside Seagate's R&D Labs, UFO Archive To Be Launched By French Space Agency, Flexible Plastic Sheets of Power
Venue Verite: Excerpt from "Banjo Strings" Podiobook

Music Bed: "Sacred Valley (Ollyantaytambo)," "Buttercup," "Crawl Back Under," "Frosted Glass" - "Frosted Glass" by Mint (2005) (

Sundown Lounge No. 78 - December 29th, 2K6     Duration: 39:14

"Notions" - Looper SDF
Geeknotes: Venetian Cosmos, Tinker Time
Open Mike Stage: "Oye Como Va" - Elaine Elias, "Walk Away (Bitstream Dream Remix)" - Lovespirals, Lipstick Aliens Promo, "Sazanamya" - Funk Dub Divison
Map Room: New Tattoo Ink May Change The Longevity of Tattoos, Parasite Makes Women More Attractive, Happiness: Good for Creativity, Bad for Single-Minded Focus
Venue Verite: Jimmy Carter from 1979

Music Bed: "Lazerboy Meets Robotgirl (lithis)" "Mr Yr (Skruvmejsel)" "Sane (The Korvstoppers)" - "Female" compilation ep by The X-Dump (2004) (

Sundown Lounge No. 77 - December 22nd, 2K6     Duration: 48:03

"Capital Gains" - Grand Theft Goodwill
Geeknotes: LA Pod Does Dickens, Chicago Poetry Happenings, Rattapalax, Podiobook? Hell Yeah!
Open Mike Stage: Frat Pack Tribute Promo, "Sunset in the Jemez" - Urban Twang, "El Donia" - Mary Fakhoury, "Theatrics" - Relative, Eblo The Weblog Promo
Map Room: Flat Lights, Terrorists Blamed for Our Bad Cellphone Service, Stem Cells Patch Holes in Brain without Prompting
Venue Verite: "Soul Power" - Lubriphonic

Music Bed: "danu," "fl bk," "palevo," "user friendly" - "Antisocial Me" by Randomajestiq (2003) (

Sundown Lounge No. 76 - December 15th, 2K6     Duration: 49:08

"A Christmas Carol" - Richard Price
Geeknotes: Podsafe For Peace, Podiobook?
Open Mic Stage: "Daughter of the Sun" Podiobook Promo, "Segredos" - Elaine Elias, Capitol Rock Show Promo, "This is what you've waited for" - Gravy Goatee, "Jazz Fantasia" - Carl Sandburg, Blood, Crack And Anime Promo, "Bird That Will Not Fly" - Jeff Phillips
Map Room: 'Tabletop' Particle Accelerator, The Antikythera Computer, Software Robot That Follows You
Venue Verite: "Excerpts from The Western Land: The President, Colonel Bradford, Everyman a God" - William S. Burroughs

Music Bed: "Aamupala," "Lehtipuu," "Vastavarit," "Hamara" - "Aamupala" by Crud (2004) (

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