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Sundown Lounge No. 120 - Nov 16th, 2K7     Duration: 38:18

"Buffalo Boy" - NWO Chaingang Collective
Geeknotes: Brad Wilson, Podshow Doesn't Suck, Chapter 1 hits 1K
Open Mic Stage: "Grace" - The Lingus, The Japlish Podcast Promo, "Anybody Out There" - Nicola, "To Fight Aloud Is Brave" - Emily Dickinson, "Road to Nowhere" - Creature Republic, "Wisdom Through Music" - Lamar Murphy
Map Room: One Laptop Per Child Sale Has Begun, Study Documents the Power of Indoor Plants, Taser Parties Come to the US
Venue Verite: "The Indian Who Lost His Wife" - William Patten

Music Bed: "Fog of War," ""Konstanta," - The Man Who Lives Offline" - Scann-Tec (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 119 - Nov 9th, 2K7     Duration: 47:44

"Indian Secrets" - Dreamweaver
Geeknotes: Tairy Woodard podcast novel, NaNoWriMo 007
Open Mic Stage: "No Money No Honey" - Rick Anthony, Views From the Coop Promo, "Digital Monkey" - Balkan Beat Box, "Indian Summer" - Emily Dickinson, "Native River Tribes" - Guardian Mind Mix, "I Am Not Afriad" - Majek Fashek, DarkAge Promo, "Na Palma Da Mao" - Uniao Black
Map Room: Give (Clean) Coal a Chance, With the Help of GPS, Amazonian Tribes Reclaim the Rain Forest, Organ 'Printing' Creates Beating Heart Cells, Swiss Study has Some Surprises on Marijuana Use
Venue Verite: "Iagoo, The Story-Teller" - from "American Indian Fairy Tales"

Music Bed: "Enter The Sound," "Gorey Empire Defence," "Offer For Slackers" - "Rudi Rudi" - Nova Viator (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 118 - Nov 2nd, 2K7     Duration: 55:57

"Radio Riot" - Tiny Masters Of Today
Geeknotes: Omar Chkhaidze in New York, Deep Dish in Chicago, Chapter 17
Open Mic Stage: "November" - Helen Hunt Jackson, Yondercast Promo, "Hey!!! little bird" - After Son, "Iran, Rumors of War" - Mumia Abu Jamal, "Dumbstruck" - Lamar Murphy, "Secret" - Mieka Pauley, "My November Guest" - Robert Frost, The American Smartass Promo, "Seek" - Neil Smith, "November" - Azure Ray
Map Room: Scientists Envision Growing Human Eyeballs, Organic Produce Really IS Better, Superfast Laser Turns Virus Into Rubble, Ban On Leaded Petrol 'Has Cut Crime Rates Around The World'
Venue Verite: "Network" clips: Howard Beale, Mr. Jensen

Music Bed: "Giant Reds and Blues," "Splendor of Scarlet and Gold" - "In Riots of Color They Spin" - Mikael Fyrek (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 117 - Oct 26th, 2K7     Duration: 65:26

"Jackknife Judy" - The Sleepers
Geeknotes: Brother Love Halloween Rock 'n Roll Spectacular, "The Chocolate Man" at Storyopolis, SlamIdol Contest 19
Open Mic Stage: "Monsters" - Chenard Walcker, "Myths Wearing Thin" - Scott Virtes "Zombie Highschool" - Sidekick Lupchen and The Bad Generation, "Unreasonable" - Belinda Subraman and Ken Clinger, Hotel Hell Podcast Promo, "The Eyes of Annie" and "Vampires" - Briareus, "Zombie Twist" - The Deformities, "Ghost House" - Robert Frost, Strange But True Radio Podcast Promo, "Corpse Grinding Man" - Harley Poe, "The Wedding Dress" - 2Cents
Map Room: Return Of Devil's Bible To Prague, Asteroid Could Hit Earth In 2029, US Scientist Close to Creating First Artificial Life Form, Skies to be Swept for Alien Life, War of the Worlds
Venue Verite: "The Mother and the Dead Child" - Hans Anderson (Librivox)

Music Bed: Spooky podsafe sounds, including bits from the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland

Sundown Lounge No. 116 - Sept 28th, 2K7     Duration: 36:57

"To Autumn" - John Keats
Geeknotes: Convention Time, Domain issues
Open Mic Stage: "The Hole" - Scott Virtes, "Yeah Yeah Yeah" - Freak 4, "The Wires From My Broken Record Player" - Cars and Trains, "Share The Wealth" - Huey Long, John Grisham Interview, "Animals Wearing Clothes" - The Deadly Syndrome, Podcast Ping Promo, "You Haunt Me" - Bill Furner, "Autumn" - Wallace Stevens
Map Room: Not this week
Venue Verite: "Think For Yourself" - Timothy Leary

Music Bed: "Calm," "3rd Dream" - "Dreamology," Alexy V (Kahvi)

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Sundown Lounge No. 115 - Sept 14th, 2K7     Duration: 47:14

"Good Son" - Rob Szabo
Geeknotes: WIRED NextFest, LA Erotica Film Festival, Malalai Joya
Open Mic Stage: "Smiling Sands" - Scott Virtes, "Onomatopoeia" - Shotgun Jimmie, "Gonna Be Sure" - Lisle Engle, The Chillcast with Anji Bee Promo, "Sensations" - Belinda Subraman and Ken Clinger, "Aria (Bachiana Brasileiras 5)" - Criara (sung by Vanessa Falabella), "All Kinds Of A Fool" - Brad Wilson
Map Room: Physicists Get Two Atoms to Communicate, Bacteria Successful in Cancer Treatment, A Keyboard for the Techno Crowd
Venue Verite: "The 9/11 Moment" - Mumia Abu Jamal, "9/11 Special Commentary" - Keith Olbermann

Music Bed: "Thickline" - Pinza, "Aliens Stole My Hard Drive" - 4t Thieves (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 114 - Sept 7th, 2K7     Duration: 48:54

"1st Day of School" - Cipre
Geeknotes: "Postcards From The Future," Lance Anderson and Tim Coyne at M Bar 9/13, New Globe Gala 9/24, 50th Anniversary of Kerouac's "On The Road"
Open Mic Stage: "Bedhead" - Shotgun Jimmie, "Brace Yourself" - Les Savy Fav, Tri-I High School Football Scoreboard Show Promo, "The Key To Her Ferrari" - Thomas Dolby, "Thigh Bone" - Pony Pack, "Punk Pogo Girls" - Pablo Perez, "Let's Go" - Ministry
Map Room: Jail Threat Hangs Over Scientific Pioneers, Livestock Meltdown Threatens Developing World, Now Police Can Use Tasers on Children, Battery Breakthrough
Venue Verite: "The Teacher's Dream" - W.H. Venable (Librivox)

Music Bed: "Suunta," "Leaving Quietly" and "Seagull Scene" - "Suunta" by Planet Bolex (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 113 - Aug 31st, 2K7     Duration: 57:28

"The Schoolboy" - William Blake
Geeknotes: Illinois Arts Council Under Attack, Chicago Poetry Events, Slam Idol Contest 19, Long Beach Blues Festival
Open Mic Stage: "Inside 4 U" - Lisle Engle, This Week In London Promo, "Mr. Celery Pants" - Grand Theft Goodwill, "Morning Sun" - Kinky Chimps, "m@rKkL3E" - Trap Door, "More" - Zamarro, "Ain't Goin Bald, Jus Gettin Mo Head" - Ernie Southern
Map Room: $100 Laptop, Meet The $100 Desktop, Increased Floods Due to Shrinking Plant Leaf Pores, Scientists' New Spin on Spider-Man Techniques, Parasites Sneak Entire Genome into Flies
Venue Verite: Scott Virtes July 1st Poetry Reading

Music Bed: "Silmarillion," "Lunar," - "Tapeworm Collective" Compilation (Comfortstand)

Sundown Lounge No. 112 - Aug 24th, 2K7     Duration: 54:28

"La Clinique" - No Seduction
Geeknotes: 2007 Chicago Poetry Fest, LA Pod Confab Bound
Open Mic Stage: "CPU" - Scott Virtes, "" - Heart of Sun, "One Love, One Voice" - Metaverse, Radio Free Philosophy Promo, "Under The Umbrella" - Company Of Theives, "Toppy" - Rusty Wright, "Lady Huricane" - The Bennys, "kEVINWART3LL" - Trap Door
Map Room: Baby Talk is Universally Understood, Comet Star Leaves Planets in Wake, Meraki's Guerilla Wi-Fi to Put a Billion More People Online
Venue Verite: "14 Characteristics of Fascism" and "Liberal Media (Simpsons)" - YouTube

Music Bed: "Untitled" - Roger Hayes - Jeremy Winters - "People Doing Strange Things With Electricity II" Compilation, (Comfortstand)

Sundown Lounge No. 111 - Aug 18th, 2K7     Duration: 47:16

"Rove-Rush" - Karl Rove, "The Nature of Virtue" - Ben Base
Geeknotes: Virtual Book Tour on iTunes, Sunset Junction Street Festival
Open Mic Stage: "In The Shape" - Foreign Born, "Michael Moore on Karl Rove" - Liberal Viewer, "Ex Patriots Day" - Gerry Wall, "Fradulent" - Homeliss Derilix, From CBS Evening News, Jan. 18th, 1972, with Karl Rove, GOP College Director of the Republican National Committee, "The Company Will Provide" - Robots Guide To Living
Map Room: Speed of Light Broken? Solar Sensors Could Monitor Bridges, Microfluidics: Like Computer Chips With Plumbing
Venue Verite: "Rove Resigns" - Keith Olberman

Music Bed: Mystified, Kaffeinik, and John Louis Kluck doing renditions of "Auld Lang Syne" from album of the same name, (Comfortstand)

106 - 110    

Sundown Lounge No. 110 - Aug 3rd, 2K7     Duration: 53:56

"Beautiful" - Rob Szabo
Geeknotes: Big Summer Poetry Contest Winners, Approaching 6000 Hits for the Book, Skid Row Gentrification and a Poem from the Streets
Open Mic Stage: "57 Spring" - Audiomoe, "Spy Beach" - This Spy Surfs, Imaginate Productions Promo, "(Don't) Kill Yourself" - The Spores, "The Third Passenger" - Beeblebrox, "Kotno" - Blamstrain,
Map Room: Scientists Reveal The Secret Of Levitation, Weed Gave up Sex Long Ago, Hack Your Way Into Space, Fossils Could Force Rethink of Human Evolution
Venue Verite: Selections from "Black Pearls: The Poetry of Maya Angelou" - "No No No," "I Will Last," "Letter To An Aspiring Junkie," "Burnt Umber," "In A Time." (Music composed and arranged by Ed Bland)

Music Bed: "Sunday Afternoon" - Jari Ylamaki, "Missing" - Anders Liar, "The Paracortex" - Cooler - "Summer Selection" compilation (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 109 - Aug 3rd, 2K7     Duration: 48:54

"Dear Friends" - Auditory Aphasia
Geeknotes: Authors Den, Chicago Cops Bust Up Poetry Event - Again
Open Mic Stage: "Render Me Helpless" - Project 46, Incarcerex - Drug Policy Alliance, from YouTube, "Pantomime" - Jade Of Days, "December Thirteen" - Acetylene Hayes, DFB Podcast Promo, "Hope For Us" - The Jealous Sound
Map Room: New Fingerprint Technology, First Armed Robots on Patrol in Iraq, New Planet Found Near Red Giant
Venue Verite: Mumia Abu Jamal interviewed on Uprising Radio, KPFK 90.7FM LA w/ Sonali Kolhatkar

Music Bed: "Ambient Moods" - Dreamweaver; "Edge of the Universe" - Jari Ylamaki - "Summer Selection" compilation, Kahvi (2007)

Sundown Lounge No. 108 - July 27th, 2K7     Duration: 42:02

"Summer Night" - Alfred Tennyson
Geeknotes: CinqTroisDecaLa Rhyme Contest, "Disco Hypnotic," "Erzulie Freda" CD Goes Global
Open Mic Stage: "Every Link In The Chain" - Oh No Not Stereo, "Somebody Save Me" - Gina Villalobos, Karate America Kick-a-Thon Promo, "Triforce" - The Mad Titans, "Brittle" - Aaron English, "It's Alright" - The Midnight Hours
Map Room: Sleep Patterns Affects Teen Behavior, Newly Declassified Window Film Keeps Out Hackers, Phone Calls, EMPs, Chips: High Tech Aids or Tracking Tools?
Venue Verite: "Swollen Fortunes" - William Jennings Bryan, "Social and Industrial Justice" - Theodore Roosevelt, from the FIS

Music Bed: "Acapulco 2000" - Jack Fetterman and the in Hi-Fi Music Direction, "Blissful in Enchantro" - Mental Anguish/NOMUZIC, "Spy Perfume" - Skip Heller's Hot Seven - "Two Zombies Later" Compilation (2003) (Comfortstand)

Sundown Lounge No. 107 - July 20th, 2K7     Duration: 50:00

"I Ate My Tie" - Bongart
Geeknotes: 2007 Chicago Poetry Fest, 5K Hits, The Trouble With Book Reviews
Open Mic Stage: "Till Death Do Us Part" - Gone For Good, "El Momentito" - Pulsions du Moi, "White Hot Stereo" - Hung By Halos, Living in Vegas Promo, "Question Mark" - Soulogic, "Money" - W H Davies, "Cheers" - Holding On To Sound
Map Room: Carbon Nanotubes Strengthen Artificial Muscles, Hydrogen-Powered Racecar, Evolution Occurs in the Blink of an Eye, The Secret to More Useful Robots: Tai Chi Training
Venue Verite: "When Wars Backfire" - Mumia Abu Jamal

Music Bed: Las Vegas Casino Ambience

Sundown Lounge No. 106 - July 13th, 2K7     Duration: 44:55

"The Sandpiper" - Celia Thaxter, "Jihad Theme" - The Happy Happy Jihads
Geeknotes: Jared Smith leaving Chicago, Brother Love Fan Club, Virtual Book Tour Update
Open Mic Stage: "Spinout" - Glamor Puss, "Surf Goddess" - This Spy Surfs, Ask The Mac Expert Promo, "Sunrise, Sunset" - D.E.J.A. Jazz, "On The Beach At Night" - Walt Whitman, "Surf's Up" - Madness Again
Map Room: Microholography and the 500 GB Disc, Using a Robot to Teach Human Social Skills, Prince Points the Way to a Brighter Future for Music, NASA Contractor Designs Lunar Habitat
Venue Verite: "The Beating of Black Lawyers" - Mumia Abu Jamal

Music Bed: Venice Beach Ambience

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