Tenant Representation Can Work for You

Most business owners and tenants don’t realize they can have competent representation on their side of the table negotiating for them. And it is because landlords conduct lease transactions for a living every day backed by real estate attorneys, leasing agents, and property management firms with signs on all their buildings. Tenants and business owners negotiate one commercial lease every three to five years. So, who has the upper hand? Tenant representation firms like Laughlin Commercial Realty group represent tenants and business owners leasing office, retail or light industrial space at no additional cost. What sets them apart from other brokerage firms is that they don’t take listings or represent landlords in any way. This eliminates any potential conflicts of interest other companies face. To get more of such firms, visit the Laughlin Commercial Realty website.

Such tenant representation firmsÂ’ exclusive tenant representation services provide clients with unbiased opinions and advice so you can make an informed easy decision. It is convenient in saving you time, money and frustration associated with trying to handle the process on your own. For instance, you wouldn’t go on to the court without competent legal representation on your side, or you wouldnÂ’t return your taxes without a CPA accounting firm looking them over first. So why lock yourself with three to five-year commitment without someone on your side? You should focus on growing your business or developing your family and not trying to get up to speed on current market conditions, learning leasing terminology on your own, or waste time driving around calling numbers.

One question tenant representation firms like LCRG are always asked is how do they get paid. Their service is paid for by the landlord from proceeds set aside for leasing transaction expenses. There’s no direct cost our clients and they don’t add any expense to the transaction. If represented the landlord will pay the wage to a property manager but remember they don’t represent your best interests..