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131 - 135

Sundown Lounge No. 135 - March 28th, 2K8     Duration: 44:10

"Tibet is Not Free!" - BBC via YouTube
Geeknotes: CD Baby hits 10, Toufee 2.0, China vs Tibet on YouTube
Open Mic Stage: Cadence Revolution Promo, "Robot" - Ame one, "Of Power and Empire" - Mumia Abu-Jamal, "Jar Wars" - The Jars, Former Ala Gov Don Siegelman Freed, "Motherless Child (MoShang No Place Like Home)" - Lovespirals, "The Marshall Plan" - George Marshall (FIS), "Looking to Land" - Scott Siders
Map Room: Electrons Travel Over 100 Times Faster in Graphene than Silicon, Intel’s 60 Mile Long-Range Wi-Fi, Molly Ivins on Hillary, Tibet Once Ruled China
Venue Verite: "The Democrats of Lancaster County" - CQ Politics

Music Bed: "Somnium est imago mortis" - Jari Ylamaki (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 134 - March 21st, 2K8     Duration: 69:23

"Shock and Awe," Selena Coopa of Winter Soldier
Geeknotes: Chi News, Downtown Events, Kindle Store
Open Mic Stage: Barack Obama from the Mar 18 speech, "I Like It" - The Teenage Prayers, Winter Soldier Highlights, Mike Hucklebee on Obama, "Superjet" - Hydropods, "Garden" - Robjn, Barack Obama, cut 2, "Love Bug" - Royal Family, "Iraq and Other Wars" - Zeph Daniel
Map Room: Scientists Create Room Temperature Superconductor, Win Your March Madness Pool, Molecular Basis of Life Discovered on Extrasolar Planet, Final Thoughts from Sir Arthur C. Clarke
Venue Verite: Michael Leduc of Winter Soldier

Music Bed: More shock and awe!

Sundown Lounge No. 133 - March 14th, 2K8     Duration: 67:36

"Death to Los Campesinos" - Los Campesinos
Geeknotes: "BStrings" Update
Open Mic Stage: Celtic Myth Podshow Promo, "Poem in Disconnected Parts" - Robert Pinsky, "New York" - Steven Alvarado, "Circa' 73" - Joe Gande, "Brooklyn Baby" - Jeremy Kushnier, FirstFreedomFirst Promo, "Down in the Rubble" - 880 South, "Black Heart" - Kou Chou Ching, "Float" - Sine, "Milk and Cigarettes" - Royal Family
Map Room: Unexplained "White Nose" Disease Killing Northeast Bats, Gene That Can Block The Spread Of HIV Discovered, Man Creates Vigilante Robot to Battle Drug Dealers, Invading Trees Put Rainforests At Risk
Venue Verite: "Special Comment - Ferraro" - Keith Olbermann

Music Bed: "Pictures In Sound" - Abyssal Plains (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 132 - Feb. 29th, 2K8     Duration: 57:39

Black History Month Tribute - Three Days Later
Geeknotes: Urban Twang, Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early - The Onion, March Is Small Press Month. Oh Yeah? Says Who?
Open Mic Stage: Comedian Lee Camp on Fox & Friends, "Earth Girl In Heat" - Royal Family, "Sunset" - Paul Lawrence Dunbar, "Simple Toys" - Eggshell Egoz, Alternageek Tech Show Promo, "Hey!! Man" - After Son, "The Feet of Judas" - George Marion McClellan, "Barje Koplje" - Nova Viator, "The Politics to Come" - Mumia Abu Jamal, "The Negro Speaks of Rivers" - Langston Hughes, "Introvert" - Introvert, "9 Times A Day" - Morning Lane
Map Room: Google Lunar X Prize, Breath Analysis Used to Diagnosis Diseases, Shell-Shaped Nautilus House, ZIF Crystals Trap 80x Its Weight In CO2, Nanoparticles to Make Hydrogen Cheaper than Gasoline
Venue Verite: Maddow and Olbermann on the 'Patriotism Smear'; Dick Gregory at the "State of the Black Union"

Music Bed: "Gizikomori And Other Fluffy Animals" - Nova Viator (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 131 - Feb. 22nd, 2K8     Duration: 54:50

Bay Buchanan and Bill O'Reilly Spew BS, "George's Mr. Right" - The Dead Betties
geeknotes: Poetry Performance Incubator at Guild Complex, APP News, Bill 'Lynchmob' O'Reilly can KMBA
Open Mic Stage: "A Good Hard Look" - Evan Valentine and E-Sin, Clinton Surrogate Tom Buffenbarger Attacks Barack Obama, "Anesthetized" - The Freefall Effect, "Cross that line" - SINE, Gypsy Art Show Promo, "The Call" - Ian, SlamIdol Promo, "Atom" - British Sea Power, "Good Voodoo" - The Teenage Prayers
Map Room: Peace Sign Turns 50, Powerful People Ignore New Ideas, Poverty Mars Formation of Infant Brains, Study Rejects Internet Sex Predator Stereotype
Venue Verite: Keith Olbermann on Bill O’Reilly’s “lynching party”

Music Bed: "Millions Never Tried" - Evan Valentine and E-Sin (Kahvi)

126 - 130

Sundown Lounge No. 130 - Feb. 15th, 2K8     Duration: 59:10

"A Valentine" - Edgar Allen Poe, "Music For Orgasm" - Delphinium Blue
Geeknotes: Grant Proposal Writing Workshop, Hydropods
Open Mic Stage: "Sanctuary" - Kirsty Hawkshaw, "Hector" - Hydropods, "Obama OK" - Mark McKinnon, "If It's African It's Tribal" - Mumia Abu-Jamal, "The Poetry Reading" - Charles Bukowski, "Special Comment" - Keith Olbermann, Gnatline Podcast Promo, "Superman" - ODi, "Darwin Day - Evolution One Drop" - Drew Vics, "st-jean baptiste" - Isaac Quatorze
Map Room: Vitamin Beer, Self-Cleaning Wool and Silk Developed Using Nanotechnology, A Chart of Women's Preferred Penis Sizes, Microfiber Fabric Makes Its Own Electricity, The Orgasmatron
Venue Verite: "Common Sense: Part 2" - Thomas Paine

Music Bed: "Make Space" - Alessandro Pintus (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 129 - Feb. 8th, 2K8     Duration: 46:12

"Funky Poetz" - Eggshell Egoz
Geeknotes: Skydiver Girls, FAT Tour, Brookfield Zoo Poetry Contest, Rus Bowden at Gypsy, My Clipboard, Book Update
Open Mic Stage: "Last Colony" - Susan Stewart, Cadence Revolution Promo, "Day of Reckoning" - Maria Daines, "Moon Over Mohabi" - Al Phlipp and The Woo Team, "Bouree, from Partita no. 3 in E major for solo violin" by JS Bach - Tasmin Little, "The Path of The Shell" - 60 Were Enough, "Starry Night" - Douglas Spotted Eagle, Clever Little Pod Promo, "Moho" - Mostros
Map Room: 'Itch-Free' Pyjamas, Take Your Medicine, or Try This Tooth, 80% Efficient Solar Panel, DNA "Pistons" Could Power Nanoscale Robots
Venue Verite: "Common Sense: Introduction" - Thomas Paine

Music Bed: "Black Mesa Winds" by Introspective (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 128 - Jan 18th, 2K8     Duration: 56:14

"It's Not Fair" - Terrell Owens
Geeknotes: Sex 2.0, Los Angeles Museums Free Events Schedule
Open Mic Stage: 'Angry' John Edwards, "Telling Lies" - Great Northern, "Death By Wind" - Gerald Stern, "Down On The Ground" - British Sea Power, Debate heckler, "Life During Wartime" - Pinhead Gunpowder, "Reunion 2005" - Rita Dove, "Summer Of The Evening" - Golden Boyx, Huckabee Pandering, "Black Mind" - Pilgrim Speakeasy, "Wake Up and Smell the Noise" - Revolutionary Grooves
Map Room: Macbook Air–Let's Not Lose Our Minds, Nanotech Promises 10X Improvement in Battery Life, Why People Have Irrational Beliefs About Money, Music DRM's Final Days
Venue Verite: Tom Cruise, Scientologist

Music Bed: "Pyramids" - Brioskj (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 127 - Jan 11th, 2K8     Duration: 51:11

"Dample" - iy9g86
Geeknotes: "Banjo Strings" Anniversary
"Bottled Up" - Hydropods, "Frogs Eat Butterflies. Snakes Eat Frogs. Hogs Eat Snakes. Men Eat Hogs" - Wallace Stevens, Nobody's Listening Promo, "Fool!" - Ladybooster, "Asleep Awake" - Isaac Quatorze, "The Edges of Time" - Kay Ryan, "Komoto" - Synthvibe, "No Lucifer" - British Sea Power, "Sunday Bloody Sunday" - Saul Williams, "Bullets Have More Eloquence than Words" - Gustav Bertha
Map Room: Reversal Of Alzheimer's Symptoms Within Minutes In Human Study, Tata Nano Car, NASA Spacecraft to Make Historic Flyby of Mercury, Top British violinist to release record for free online
Venue Verite: NH Medley, The Obama Madrassa Meme

Music Bed: "Searching For Planets" - DJ Polaski (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 126 - Jan 4th, 2K8     Duration: 54:49

"Graffiti from Aliens" - Kou Chou Ching
Geeknotes: Author Nation, Giving the Book Away, No More TalkShoe
Open Mic Stage: "Violet" - Isaac Quatorze, "Olive Garden" - Paul and Storm, "Lifeline" - Nick Cook, "My Halo" - Jupiter Fuzz, "Cool Whip" - Paul and Storm, "Sonya in search of the moon 4" - Moongarden, "Do Pundits Matter?" MKHammer, "January" - Helen Hunt Jackson, "Sweating Moments" - Ambient Samurai
Map Room: NASA Spinoff 2007, Magnetic Foam, Five Key Technologies to Watch in 2008, The Infinitely Geared Bike
Venue Verite: "What's Caucus Day Like?" - from JohnEdwards08.com

Music Bed: "Stardust" - Bit24 (Kahvi)

121 - 125

Sundown Lounge No. 125 - Dec 28th, 2K7     Duration: 50:23

"New Year's Eve - Midnight" - Frederika Richardson Macdonald, "Una festa per conto nostro" - Sandro G. Masoni
Geeknotes: Robert Ronnow, Dreadlock B'Day, Book Work, 2K8: Roller Coaster Year
Open Mic Stage: Podshow Radio New Year's Promo, "Convict Colony" - Saul Williams, "Ghost is Broken" - Aaron English, "Suicide Mission" - acousticpeace acousticanarchy, "Push/Pull" - Ladybooster, "Let me tell you" - Sophia Ramos, "Regret" - H.Kobayashi, "Brrds And Bugs (Fridge Francais Mix)" - Lunar Drive
No Map Room, No Venue Verite...Well, Ok: "America on Steroids" - Bill Moyers Essay
"Little Ditty" - DigiTube

Music Bed: "Eidetic Visions" - Xurba (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 124 - Dec 21st, 2K7     Duration: 50:37

"Deck The Halls" - Jim Goodrich
Geeknotes: The State of Chicago Poetry and Holiday Schedule, Phot’Art International No. 8, Hans Op de Beeck Monograph, Xmas Extras
Open Mic Stage: Podsafe Christmas Promo, "Stranger Than Most Nights" - Bows and Arrows, "Close My Eyes " - duckett, "Runnin with A Gun" - Slightly Stoopid, Dr Bill Promo, "Cherokee's Dream" - Dreamweaver, "Christmas Morning" - Jeff Mallon, "The Bum" - Hydropods
Map Room: Turning Water into Fuel, Human Evolution Speeding Up, Chip-Shrinking May Be Nearing Its Limits, Your Encryption Key Is Protected By The Constitution?
Venue Verite: "Speakin 'o Christmas" - Paul Lawrence Dunbar, "The Christmas Stocking" by L. Frank Baum, "A Christmas Insurrection" by Anne P L Field

Music Bed: "Twilight Snow" - Coax (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 123 - Dec 14th, 2K7     Duration: 52:58

"Fire And Ice" - Robert Frost, "You Asked For It (Fonik vs. Totonho mix)" - Duckett
Geeknotes: Review Ranking at Idiotvox, Trolling Blogs
Open Mic Stage: "Life After Love" - Colored Shadows, "The Snow Man" - Wallace Stevens, "Flight of the Diplasiocoela" - Bitstream Dream, featuring Sandhya Sanjana, Diabetic in Candyland Promo, "Bonzai Bambi" - Dan Tharp, "Tape/II Fell Down" - Beep, Destroy All Media Promo, "Cigarettes down the railway tracks" - Catgut
Map Room: Everyday Ecotech, Virtual Cable Turns Windshield into Navigation Display, Machine Turns Junk into Usable Petroleum and Gas, Mars Rover "Spirit" Fighting For Survival
Venue Verite: "Mormon Theology" Cartoon Banned by the LDS

Music Bed: "End Of Day Dub," "The Past" - "Mindsplit" by Speak (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 122 - Dec 7th, 2K7     Duration: 49:48

"Tiny Triggers" - Gavin Castleton
Geeknotes: PowerBook tales, Sunset Groove online store
Open Mic Stage: "Such Lofty Encounters" - Hydropods, Reset Radio Promo, "Winter in the Boulevard" - DH Lawrence, "Winter Stars" - Sara Teasdale, Olbermann Reads Tom Tomorrow: "Bill O'Reilly's Advice to Kids," "To A Party" - Slightly Stoopid, "Invocation of the Lizard King" - Cole Brice, "Don't You Wanna Be Relevant?" - The Cribs
Map Room: 2008 Video Games Report Card, Jesus Hearts Darwin, The Electric Skateboard, Doctors Baffled By Green Sweat Venue Verite: "Interview with Jim Morrison" and video - Jim talks about heroes...

Music Bed: "enter end" - "postmorten winners" by bioradio (Kahvi)

Sundown Lounge No. 121 - Dec 2nd, 2K7     Duration: 47:10

"How to Write Alone" - Hydropods
Geeknotes: iProng Mag Launch, BroLove New Year's Eve in Vegas, Banjo Strings 10K, Old Shows Re-archived
Open Mic Stage: "Bravely" - Mieka Pauley, Tim Kazurinsky on the writer's strike, "Winter Comes" - Zainetica, "Strawberry Jam" - Catgut, "Drago's Diatribe" - Maximus, "A Sad Song" - Rob Szabo, Interstellar Space Promo, "Blacksmith's Dance" - Eastern Blok
Map Room: Nanosolar - Power to the people, Bacteria extract hydrogen at over 90% efficiency, Cannabis compound 'halts cancer'
Venue Verite: "Valor" - from "The Americanization of Emily"

Music Bed: "Roses 3," "Mirrors" - "Winter Comes" - Zainetica (Kahvi)

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